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Harry’s Life Before Meghan Was Full of Wild Parties, National Scandals, and Shameful Photographs

by Tracy Finke

Before becoming a lawful husband and devoted father, Prince Harry was a rebel, party animal, and conqueror of blond women.

The 35-year-old Prince, before ex-actress Meghan Markle walked into his life, was a naughty orange-haired boy who was beloved by his grandmother, the Queen, despite all the nonsense and scandals.

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One of the biggest was certainly the one when he was caught partying undressed in Las Vegas. And while he spent his time believing in “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” the paparazzi happily rubbed their hands for such priceless photos that infuriated both Queen and Prince Charles, who immediately dragged the young Prince back to the castle.

There were also numerous night outs, and on one occasion, he fell into the pool after too many drinks, so he lost his balance. Harry was also photographed undressed with his friends and glasses on his nipples, so it seems that the Prince liked not to have clothes outside the “sin city.”

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One of the biggest scandals that shook the royal family and the monarchy, happened in 2005 when he appeared in an SS uniform at a private party.

During his “bad boy” phase, Harry used to tell inappropriate jokes in front of strangers and drank expensive champagne from a leg prosthesis. He stayed on rehab for only one day and also wanted to fight with a photographer after leaving a nightclub in 2004, but was stopped by his security.

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In 2006, the story of 12-year older reality star Catherine Ommanney was released to the media. She claimed that she was in a relationship with the Prince. Catherine is the star of the popular show “The Real Housewives of D.C.

In 2011, Prince Harry moved his party to the Hvar Island, where cameras recorded him dancing to the legendary Billie Jean song. Harry drank, hung out with girls, and at the end of a crazy evening, he bathed in a nightclub’s pool.

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Image source: profimedia.com

For a while, his dad employed people to accompany the Prince on his travels to prevent him from having his face on all the world covers the next morning, mostly distorted by his favorite vice. And the night before his brother’s wedding, Harry didn’t refrain from partying. He remained awake until 3 a.m. and reportedly jumped from a hotel balcony and injured his leg.

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Meanwhile, Harry partied with music moguls Kanye West and Diddy. Allegedly singer Ellie Goulding fell for him, and then actress Meghan came into his life.

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