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David Beckham Shaves His Head in Quarantine

by Nebojša Vujinović

Famous retired English footballer David Beckham, 44, has taken some drastic measures during his isolation time amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The legendary midfielder has decided to shave his head and now he is almost bald once again, for the first time in years. This reminded everyone of how he used to look during his career in the 2000s.

Source: Instagram

Beckham posted a photo of his new hairstyle to Instagram, saying, “Just had to be done ✂️ #stayhome #staysafe #staystrong GOODNIGHT”. He has more than 62.2 million followers on the platform, while his latest pic has 1.8 million likes and over 11,000 comments.

The last time we saw him with a shaven head or even a buzz cut was 12 years ago, in 2008, when he played for LA Galaxy. He went short before as well, in 2005 and 2001.

Source: gq.com

During the years and decades, we have come to know that David Beckham can pull off any hairstyle, and it is was just a matter of time when he would once again go short. Now it is time to see what he will do next, after quarantine finally ends.

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