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Cardi B Goes Live With Bernie Sanders to Discuss Elections and Quarantine Nails

by Tracy Finke

Cardi B met with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in an Instagram live to speak about upcoming presidential election and coronavirus pandemic. Their interview began hilariously when Sanders asked the rapper a significant question: “I want you to take a look at my nails. How are they looking?”.

Image source: songnaija.com

The 27-year-old singer raised her eyebrows and replied: “They’re looking very quarantine”, adding “It’s okay, Uncle Bernie”.

Sanders and Cardi then addressed burning topics in the USA and the world today, such as upcoming elections, Donald Trump and COVID-19.

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The rapper took to Instagram yesterday to send a message to her followers. “Listen I don’t talk like a CNN correspondent, and I don’t use all this fancy vocabulary, but I do give you THE REAL while entertaining you at the same time to keep your attention on what’s important”, she wrote in the caption of the video clips of her conversation with Bernie Sanders.

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She continued: “I have a platform of 62.7 million followers, and yesterday my live had 133K viewers and almost a million people tuned in. I just want to bring awareness to what’s going on in our country and around the world. I want to make sure all my followers are AWARE and make a CHANGE! WE HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE A CHANGE! And a special thank you to Bernie, you’ll always be my favorite candidate!”.

Her followers were very supportive and delighted with Cardi’s speech. “Bernie & Cardi for Prez”, one of her fans wrote, and another added: “You preaching sis! Thank you for using your platform!”.

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“It’s important that all citizens speak up and ask questions of our elected officials”, “You spoke from your point of view… Sounded real enough to me”, “You are such a blessing to so many… keep using your platform to bring awareness & light, keep doing you EXACTLY as you are!”, some of the comments read.