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Caitlyn Jenner Shows Off Her Gardening Skills in a Video Makeup-Free

by Tracy Finke

The reality star Caitlyn Jenner uses her time in quarantine to do house chores, and after cleaning her entire villa, the 70-year-old decided to move to the garden.

Image source: Instagram

Caitlyn, once Bruce Jenner, boasted about her gardening skills in her new Instagram post. In the video that she captioned: “Stay busy! The time goes by faster, we’ll get through this!”, she urges people to stay at their homes and reveals what she does to pass the time in isolation.

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“The cars are clean. The garage is clean. I got everything clean. The house is immaculate. I’m down to gardening. Yes, pulling weeds!”, Jenner said in the video.

Image source: Instagram

She showed her followers the work she has done in the past few days and the rest that she plans to get into the order today.

“No hair, no makeup, no nothing. I look like hell. Gardening”, Caitlyn joked at the end.

Her fans were supportive of her natural look and praised her gardening skills. „You don’t need hair and makeup when you have such gorgeous soul“, one of her followers read, and another added: “You are naturally beautiful because your attitude is beautiful! Stay safe, and God Bless Always!”

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Image source: Instagram

“You’re so goddamn motivated and motivating. Ever since I was a kid, your philosophy is stay busy, stay balanced, and enjoy”, one of the comments read.