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Billie Eilish Faced Backlash For Bikini Photos

by Elsa Stringer

Award-winning pop superstar Billie Eilish, 18, never wears tight clothes that would accentuate her body features and curves, because she does not want the masses to comment on her sexuality and looks.

However, when she posted pictures and videos in a bikini form her holiday in Hawaii, many were left speechless. In an interview with “Teen Vogue” in May of 2019, she talked about her baggy fashion choice.


“Nobody can give opinion on my body, because haven’t seen what’s underneath. Nobody can say, “She is thin-thick,” “she is not slim-fat”, “she has a flat [behind]”…


Nobody can say any of it, because they don’t know,” said Eilish back then.

When she posted the aforementioned vacation content, many said she went back on her words and mentioned she wants promoting her body now that she is 18.

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“I saw comments like, “How dare she say she does not want to be sexualized and then wear this?!””
She continued, “It was trending, and there were comments like, “I don’t like her anymore because as soon as she turned 18, she became a slut.” I just can’t win…”

The slideshow in question currently has well over 13 million likes and more than 136,000 comments. She does not have any provocative content on her feed, and most photos and videos include herself in the said baggy fashion.

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Her true fans and 60.7 million followers know she did not want to promote herself in bikinis and that it was simply a slideshow of her best memories from an unforgettable vacation.