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Cardi B Thinks Carol Baskin “Fed Her Husband to the Tigers” & Spread Coronavirus

by Tracy Finke

Rapper Cardi B, 27, came up with her own theory about a tiger from the Bronx zoo, who is infected with the coronavirus.

The rapper recalled the now-famous tiger owner Joe Exotic’s words from the new Netflix documentary “Tiger King,” which features Joe’s confrontation with animal rights activist Carol Baskin, 58.

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Joe blames Carol for everything that goes wrong in his life and says “Carol fu**ing Baskin”, and those words have now gone viral on social media.

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The story of the tiger turned positive for the coronavirus was posted on Instagram, with Cardi B leaving a comment below:

“I’ll tell you how… Carol fu**ing Baskin,” she wrote.

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Cardi B also recently posted a meme that implied that Carol Baskin killed her husband and fed her tigers, which is the conspiracy theory explored in the documentary.

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The meme shows a figure of Joe Exotic drinking tea in front of a sign that says, “Carol Baskin fed her husband to the tigers”.

Also, Cardi asked her followers: “Whatcha think?”

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Carol Baskin denied the allegations after the documentary was released and said it had nothing to do with her husband’s disappearance.

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