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Baker Mayfield’s Wife Causes Controversy Amid Browns Playoff Hunt

by Nebojša Vujinović

The wife should always stick out for her man, but not entirely when it comes to the NFL. Football teams are not a ground where one needs outside protection. You are punished and rewarded on your merit on the gridiron.

But, Baker Mayfield’s wife went a little bit ahead of herself. Cleveland browns took a massive win against the worst NFL team Detroit Lions 13-10 and kept their playoff hopes alive. The Sunday was victorious for Browns but not without losses. For one, their QB, Baker Mayfield played through an injury; not one but three. This handicapped his ability and he only completed 15 out of 29 passes. But, a win is a win.

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Once the game was done, the QB is always set for a mandatory media session. Baker misses the one he should have attended, and it probably had something to do with his injuries. His franchise didn’t elaborate on the reasons, so both the fans and pundits were left baffled at what transpired behind the curtains. The former No.1 draft pick is known for his good relationship with the media so this comes as an even bigger surprise.

While what Mayfield is doing and how he’s feeling remains a mystery, his wife decided to blow off some steam. Emily Mayfield took her opinions to social media networks and this is what she had to say: “No one better say anything bad about Baker Mayfield after this game. I don’t think I have seen toughness like this in a while. Maybe the rest of our team should take the hint and get tougher.” As it usually goes with this type of post, someone from Baker’s media team reacted, and the Instagram post made by his wife was quickly removed. What might not be removed as easily is the ruined relationship between the teammates.

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While Mayfield did show toughness, and no one was disputing it, this is no way to go about it. His wife wasn’t subtle and this could affect the locker room. Another big aspect of his playing through an injury is the fact that he didn’t play rather well. The 26-year-old QB is having issues with his foot, knee, and most of all with his shoulder through the entire season. The time to sit out for a bit might have come, and the Lions matchup is one that his backup Case Keenum could have handled.

Before the game, Baker addressed the issues via an official statement: “It’s been tough, but I don’t think anybody gives a damn. So, there’s no reason to get into that. Nobody cares. Nobody wants to feel bad for us. So, it is what it is. It’s all right.” The one issue that could arise after this is that his wife, Emily, completely ignored what he said before the game.

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The Browns have been a subpar franchise for the last few decades, and now that they’re on the brink of being a regular playoff contender, personal issues could be in the way. First, we had the Odell Beckham Jr. situation which ended with Beckham being released. He had a beef with Mayfield and the Browns stood next to their QB. Now, his wife could be on the mission to ruin the bonds that this team has, which could eventually cost them another playoff berth. Furthermore, as we said, personal grievances aside, and playing through injury is commendable, but Browns have been not all that good, with Mayfield being especially bad when compared to the standards he set.

Browns better be ready for the Baltimore Ravens matchup in Week 12 of the 2024 NFL season, as their division is still wide open. If Baker wants to see the filed in January, he better sit back and relax for now; try to heal, before you truly become one to blame for Brown’s failures.