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Are Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella Dating?

by Elsa Stringer

The “Woman’s Day” tabloid reported that actor Tom Cruise, 57, and dancer Sofia Boutella, 37, are dating. They have been in a secret relationship for months, writes the suspicious source. All evidence they have is a simple photo of the pair from the CAA party that preceded the Oscars.


The two can be seen greeting each other and talking a bit. Nothing else has happened, but according to the magazine they have been dating for a few months already.


The source says, “They took everyone at the party by surprise. When the cameras weren’t turned their way, they confirmed their relationship by sharing a kiss. Then Tom sweetly brushed her hair back and they sneaked off together in a waiting car.”

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Nothing can back up their claims. The faulty magazine continues with saying Cruise has “been going all out to make Sofia part of his life,” and that he “whisked her off to Paris for a romantic getaway.”


Her family is worried about the 20-year age gap between her and the actor, and do not support her choice. The imaginary source close to the situation said this:

“They’ve urged her to seriously consider the ramifications of dating someone 20 years her senior – including the fact he most likely won’t want to have any more children. But Sofia’s infatuated right now. She knows it’s a big step yet she’s even talking about moving into Tom’s Beverly Hills mansion later this year.”


Tom Cruise however sold his LA home in 2016 and now lives in Clearwater, Florida, which proves how unchecked and faulty these claims truly are. Furthermore, the real sources confirmed the dancer and the actor are not dating. This magazine was also responsible for fabricating lies in the past, like in Decemebr when they said Cruise wanted a relationship with Michelle Dockery.