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Are All Bridges to NFL Burned for Antonio Brown?

by Tracy Finke

Antonio Brown’s career is in danger, and one thing is sure: He won’t play another snap this year. Considering allegations he’s facing, and his recent behavior Brown is uncertain even for the 2024 season. But, some people, such as Derrick Mason, still believe that Antonio can make a return to the league and even land on a contender.

In an exclusive interview with Pop Culture, Mason, who spent the majority of his playing time with Ravens and Titans talked about Brown’s chances of suiting again for an NFL team.

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Former WR believes that all controversy that surrounds Brown these days will be forgotten and will be replaced with sadness and many what-ifs and what could have been.

Mason claims that what Brown went through must have felt fun at the beginning. Antonio has been out of the league for some time, but he has taken responsibility for his actions. Mason believes that after public apology to New England Patriots, which he thinks was genuine, there is a place for Antonio Brown in the league.

The thing that worries Mason is that former Steelers WR is surrounded by people who are not helping him. His friends and family should tell Brown to ease off social networks as his posts aren’t working in his favor, according to Mason.

His stints in Oakland and New England were tainted by his off-field antics that were followed by Instagram posts. Also, he has ongoing NFL investigations, which will determine whether he was guilty or not on accusations of se*ual misconduct.

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Nonetheless, Mason still believes there is a place in NFL for Antonio Brown, as there are teams that don’t have the luxury of passing on a player of his caliber.

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All Brown has got to do is wait for the dust to settle and stay away from Instagram. Still, we have to admit that he looks cool next to Tom Brady. Having said that, who doesn’t?