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Top 10 NFL Players In Season 2019

by Elsa Stringer

Recently NFL Network announced its Top 100 players in season 2019. This list consists of the following players.

1. Aaron Donald, Los Angeles Rams
2. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints
3. Khalil Mack, Chicago Bears
4. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs
5. Todd Gurley, Los Angeles Rams
6. Tom Brady, New England Patriots
7. Antonio Brown, Oakland Raiders
8. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers
9. Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons
10. Von Miller, Denver Broncos

Well, all we can say that we don’t agree with this list. Of course, we agree that all of these players are exceptional. Simply, we are not agreeing that they are the best of all the players this season. We are going to give you an insight into our list, which is vastly different than this one. Now we are going to present you with our list of the best NFL players in season 2019/2020. We will start from tenth place to the top. Without further ado, let us begin.

1. Ezekiel Elliott


On the 10th place on this list of ours is Ezekiel Elliott from Dallas Cowboys, who was recently placed on the first place of Forbes top 50 most valuable teams in the world. We struggled to choose between Elliott and Bobby Wagner for an appearance in this place. We seriously think that Elliott is probably the best running back in the league. He is in the league for the third season in a row.

2. Tom Brady


Some consider Brady to be one of the best quarterbacks who ever played in the NFL. He is a really dominant player who makes the whole team better. This guy is literally a legend when it comes to NFL. Any list that doesn’t include this guy is not a complete list in our opinion. He is probably the best known for his ability to be the best player in the most important games of the season. We have seen him do that several times in the last few seasons.

3. Antonio Brown


The next on our list is a Hall-of-Famer, Antonio Brown. Currently, he plays for Oakland Raiders. Just check his numbers in the last few seasons. In the last six seasons, he averaged 11 touchdowns and 114 catches for 1,524 yards. Last season he had 15 touchdowns in 15 games. He is in his prime years, with his 31 years and we can expect him to continue his domination in many years to come.

4. Michael Thomas


For this player, it is pretty frequent to hear that he has glue on his hands. He holds a record when it comes to catches in the first three seasons. He had 321 catches. In 2015, he averaged 85%, 125 grabs on 147 targets. He is a must-have in all of the lists that present the best players in NFL this season. Recently, he signed a new, five-year contract, that has $100 in value. We can say that he earned it because he is an exceptional player.

5. Julio Jones


Now we got to one of the most underrated players in the league, Julio Jones. This guy is a beast. He is a dominant player that presents a combination of athleticism, toughness, size, good hands, and professionalism. Also, this is not a guy that has an ego. He is a real team player that makes the whole team better when he is in a mood. Most likely, we are going to see him at Atlanta Falcons for many years to come. According to some sources, he is going to get a contract extension pretty soon.

6. Khalil Mack


Chicago Bears don’t need to worry about their OLB position for the next few years. He is a spectacular defensive player that was featured in 2018 Pro Bowlers together with Eddie Jackson, Kyle Fuller, and Akiem Hicks. For us, Khalil Mack is a perfect tip of the spear. We are sad to see the ex-head coach of Chicago Bears go to Broncos because he did a wonderful job with this team. However, we are pretty certain that a new head coach, Chuck Pagano will have a very successful season with all of the players he has in his squad.

7. DeAndre Hopkins


For us, Deandre Hopkins is the best wide receiver in the league. Houston Texans are really lucky to have him in their squad. If some would ask us what you need for a player that plays wideout, we would tell Hopkins from Houston Texans. Also, he is a wonderful catcher that doesn’t drop the ball at all. We are not surprised to see him achieve 115/1,572/11 back in season 2017/2018. Recently, he set the record with the most catches without dropping the ball, not once. We already mentioned hands with glue on this list of ours. This can be said for this player too.

8. Aaron Rodgers


If you ask us, Aaron Rodgers is probably the most talented quarterback that ever played in NFL history. He is really dominant, even though he is younger than most of the players within his squad. We’re pretty confident that he will have outstanding performances this season. The only thing that he needs to do is to gel with Matt LaFleur. Simply, he is just too gifted for a quarterback to have bad performances. His career passer rating is 103.1, which is the highest in all of the history of the NFL. His team benefits from his all-around performances.

9. Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes


Now we’ve reached the most exciting player in the NFL. We are talking about Patrick Mahomes from Kansas City Chiefs. At age 23, he earned himself a starting position as an NFL player. In his first season, he scored 50 touchdowns and 5,000 yards. It is important to know that he is a young player, and it is really exciting to see how he will develop in the next couple of years. Nobody will be surprised if he repeats his records from the previous season.

10. Aaron Donald


Our top pick is the same as it is on the list that was made by NFL Network. He is the best NFL player this season by far. He is unlockable and unstoppable. Some fans are even joking that the league should rename their award Defensive Player of the Year after him. You will be horrified to know that Donald sacked quarterbacks 20.5 times in the previous season. This is a really exceptional number.