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Top 8 Apps for Personal Trainers – In 2024

by Nina Smith

The easiest way to track the progress of your training clients and at the same time have a clear insight into all aspects of your fitness business is to start using one of the software solutions built for this purpose.

As soon as you start browsing which one will suit your needs best, you will realize there are too many different options. Because of that, you might get confused and have trouble making a final choice and opt to creating one yourself using a guide like this one on Stormotion.io. To make that quest a bit easier, you should first define several things before you do anything else.

Some of the apps for personal trainers, such as Lean On Digital, are available on the iOS platform, while the others are available on the Android operating system. There are also software solutions that are available on both platforms, so you have to decide which options suit you best. Some of them are used only for booking appointments, while the others are more complex and include features that allow you to track clients’ progress, eating habits, and activity of every user. On the other side, you can choose the ones which include demos of workout sessions or meal plans, but you can also find other types of fitness apps that allow you to upload and manage all the content on your own.

Another important thing to have in mind is whether you are planning to provide personal training services only online, or you want to have software that will help you organize activities in your gym at the same time. These are elements that you should consider before you select the software for your fitness business, and in the lines below you will learn more about the top 7 apps for personal trainers that are available on market.

1. Glofox

Source: shapescale.com

This management software is designed for personal trainers and other people in the fitness industry who need something that will save them time and increase members’ retention and revenue. It has features that simplify the scheduling process, and the billing and reporting options are available too. This tool will help you better organize your members and since they will be able to pay for your services within the app, it will make things easier for them too.

2. Mevolife

source: Mevolife.com

Mevolife.com is a top-rated fitness training software that offers coaches the to boost their fitness training business with amazing features. You can track your client’s progress and provide them with the most customized diet and exercise plans using available templates. It provides the best communication with clients as you can conduct online video sessions or group sessions. Moreover, your clients feel secure with encrypted chat on the software, which develops a sense of reliability in them. If you are going to handle a large number of clients then Mevolife provides you to manage their individual profiles easily through scheduled meetings, notification alerts, and auto-manage billings, and payments. Promoting your fitness business is no more a tedious task as you can offer discounts to your clients. Have a free trial of 30 days and explore all the amazing features which your fitness business direly needs and take your virtual fitness goals to the next level.

3. Virtuagym

Besides personal trainers, this app is used by owners of health centers and physical therapists too. It is a cloud-based solution that is good for attendance monitoring, membership management, and booking of appointments and it also includes training and nutrition plans.

4. Pike13

Source: softwarepundit.com

Pike13 is a popular app for gyms and fitness studios, as well as education centers, music and swim schools, and all other businesses that are running on-appointment business models. In case that your business works this way, you and your employees will be able to manage schedules and enrollments without a hassle. You will spend less time struggling with administration and have more time to dedicate to your clients.

5. GoMotive

This mobile app for personal trainers is primarily designed for people in the fitness industry who want to provide their services remotely. It will allow you to create custom workout plans, follow your clients’ activity and virtualize your services easily.

6. PerfectGym

Source: perfectgym.com

In case you need help with managing sales, booking, billing, marketing, and reporting, you might consider implementing PerfectGym in your business. Still, this is a good choice for gym and fitness center owners, but in case you plan to provide personal training services online too, you might need more features that this app offers.

7. PTminder

PTminder is a business management software that is designed especially for personal trainers, and it includes payments, calendar scheduling, workout and nutrition planning, client assessment tools, and other things that you might find useful.

8. Lean On Digital App For Personal Trainers – Complete Solution for Your Business

Source: pinterest.com

All of the above-mentioned apps for personal trainers include a specific set of features that should help you run your business easier and improve the quality of your services. Still, it is hard to find one solution that has all options that you need, and at the same time reflects your brand perfectly.

Because of that, lean On Digital developed a complete software for fitness businesses that are recognized by many successful personal trainers. The possibility to customize the app according to your needs and the characteristics of your business is a guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with this solution.

There is no way that one option can fit all personal trainers, and that is why the Lean On Digital team developed a CMS that allows you to upload and manage your content the way you like it. You will be able to upload explainer videos, blogs and posts, progress photos, nutrition, and workout plans, organize live streaming, and many other things. Premium and Standard packages bring more benefits like in-app purchasing, as well as a branded landing page, and it is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

You can start using the Lean On app for free because we offer a 30-days free trial. There is also a possibility to use an unbranded version of this app, for a symbolic price of $10 per month. In case you need help, it is good to know that this company offers professional support, so you will be able to relax knowing that they are ready to step in when needed.

We hope that this article helped you define in which direction your quest for a perfect app for your training business should go, and in case you are curious to see how your branded Lean On App will look like, you can try out the modulator available on their website. Now that you have all the necessary information, the only thing left to do is to start using fitness software for fitness and watch your business flourish. No matter if you are new in this, or you have a long-lasting career as a personal trainer, making your business more digital is the only way to become and stay competitive in today’s market.

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