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5 Tips for Managing Erectile Dysfunction in a Relationship – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Being in a happy relationship comes with a great number of things to worry about and take care off. It is not enough for you two to like each other. A healthy and stable relationship implies that every aspect works and that none of you are lacking no matter what it is you like, enjoy, and find pleasurable. Among the most difficult issues to handle have to deal with the sex life of a couple. If you do not have a healthy and fulfilled sex life, other problems tend to arise because we as human beings do have needs and it is frustrating to not be able to do the things you enjoy.

The leading cause of sex-related troubles within relationships is erectile dysfunction, or ED for short. It is sadly a common issue with around 35 million men in the United States alone suffering from some form of this problem. The good news is that this does not have to mark the end of your relationship or your sex life. It is a treatable problem most of the time and it can be done through a variety of ways.

In the article before you we talk about how you can do this if you (or your partner) is suffering from ED. Managing it has to be a joint effort as it is really the both of you who are experiencing the consequences, not just the man in question.

Following are some of the most useful tips and tricks regarding the management of erectile dysfunction in a relationship.

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1. Communicate More

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The first thing that usually happens to couples when the man starts showing the symptoms of ED is a withdrawal of communication. A state in which you are not talking about the problem is not good for because there is nothing happening to solve it. The one who experiences ED is full of questions, concerns, and they need help and attention. Their partner should be there and the issue needs to be tackled together. You are a team after all, you care about and for each other and you mean well. Show that love and caring and be there. Talk about how you can change things or try new stuff. Any talk is better than no talk.

2. Be Patient

Although it is hard and often outright impossible, you need to be patient with problems of this nature both if it is you who experiences it or your partner. It is not something that happens once and goes away. It tends to keep happening because you begin to expect it and involuntarily cause it yourself. Most of the time it is not physical but mental, so by thinking about it you bring it forward even more. Patience is key as you are trying to get back in control so do not rush it or be in a constant state of frustration about the whole thing. Remember that it is normal, that is happens to a lot of other men, and believe it will eventually stop and go away because it will.

3. Try to Relax

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Among the biggest and hardest to deal with contributors to erectile dysfunction are stress and anxiety. Actually, in most cases they are a part of other physiological problems that deal with the sex life of the patient. Worrying about the performance, whether or not your partner will like you, and being conscious about your body all reflect in the form of anxiety about the whole situation that should actually be fun and give you pleasure. Instead, it makes you stress uncontrollably and the moment is ruined. You cannot perform in bed if you are constantly worrying about the whole deed.

Relaxation is key if you want to beat this problem, both in everyday life and prior to being intimate with your partner. Breathing, yoga, stretching, and calming your thoughts are some of the relaxation techniques to try here.

4. Connect More

Since it is a relationship issue after all, it would greatly help if the two of you would try to rediscover each other and connect more. We are not saying that you need it necessarily, but it will surely help you to be intimate once again without ED problems. Remember the first time you started dating and how each and every touch felt special and turned you on. When you first started to discover what you like and what you are not really about. Relive those times again and try to experiment more in the bedroom department. Maybe the ED is related to the stainless and repetitiveness of your sex life and you never knew it. A few new poses or something else like role playing usually does the trick and gets couples right back on track.

5. Lead Healthier Lives

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Being unhappy with your life tends to manifest as erectile dysfunction even if there are no problems with your sex life. For example, if you are not really satisfied with your work life or your private affairs, you will not be able to focus too much on the good times with your significant other and therefore you may experience ED. Individuals who are not happy with their weight or diet are usually depressed until they start changing something. Depression, like stress and anxiety, also leads to sex life issues. Then there are unhealthy habits like very inactive lifestyles, smoking, and the abuse of drugs and alcohol.

All of these have a negative effect on your body and mind, and an unhealthy combination of the two is the best recipe for miserable sex life. The best thing you could do is to drop the unhealthy habits like junk food, alcohol, cigarettes, and other substances, and start working out daily. Soon you will have newfound strength, stamina, and agility and you will feel much better and happier, which will also bring about a new sexual drive and no more erectile dysfunction symptoms.