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11 Apps That Can Help You Lose Weight

by Elsa Stringer

Usually losing weight is a hard job, especially if you don’t have the right motivation. We present you 11 applications that will make keeping track of what you eat in a day and how much you exercise via encouraging reminders, look like a lot of fun.

11. Weight Watchers

$3.84 / week and up

We all know that having healthy eating habits is good for us, not just for losing weight, but also for having a healthy body. Weight Watcher surpasses teaching you all that, and it also helps you choose healthy, delicious and good foods. Choosing „point range“ in-app, you can calculate how much of which food you could eat, to help you with getting close to the number you want to see on a scale. It is using the point values associated with each ingredient. You can also choose one of the brand’s 4,000+ recipes.



10. MyFitnessPal

Free ($50 / year for premium)

This app tells you your daily calorie limit based on you hight, weight and goal weight. For example, a 5’55“ tall, 146-pound woman looking to lose five pounds, has a limit of 1.320 calories per day. You need to log everything you eat and drink so that the app could count your calorie income. Foods are often identified by value so that you could dial in your specific nutrient requirements.


9. Lose it!

Free ($3.33 / month for premium)

Lose it! also counts calories, but what is new is that it establishes a budget based on your weight loss goals. It gives you an opportunity to search for foods and exercises. If you upgrade to the premium version, you get additional accounting for carbs, fat and body measurements, and also help with exercise and meal plans.


8. Noom

Free ($59 / month for premium)

In 2016, there has been researched on Noom, that showed that of the 35,921 participants, around 76% of women and 84% of men lost weight while using the app.
Free version pretty much does the same as other apps. You can even record intake and exercise manually, and link up to other apps, such as Google Fit. In the premium version, you get a coach who checks on you, a support group, and course in healthy weight loss, diabetes prevention and avoiding hypertension.


7. Studio Tone It Up

$12.99 / month ($38.99 / year)

The trainers Karena and Katrina from this app, make exercising fun and keeps you motivated on your journey. It contains metabolism-boosting workouts with inspiring messages and healthy recipes.


6. FitBit


Fitbit provides tons of data right on your wrist by wearing an activity tracker. It contains hourly and daily step count, resting heart rate and total calorie burn. Period tracking for female users with a spot to log workouts, food, and water intake, has been recently launched by the company.


5. Fooducate


This app helps you grade the product and spot good foods, so you can distinguish it from food not right for you, by scanning the bar code on the package. Information about ingredients include sugars, MSG, additives and preservatives that you want to skip.


4. Nike Training Club


If you wanted to train with your favorite Nike athletes, such as Serena Williams, Alex Morgan and others, this fitness app made it possible. It provides you with 160 free workouts at different fitness levels.


3. Nudge


The app encourages users to join social Clubs so that they could have a supportive community and connects you with a personal coach if you need one-on-one instruction and interaction.


2. Rise Up

$48 / month

This app works in a way where you send pictures of everything you eat in a day to a certified nutrition coach. The coach analyzes the meals and gives you tips about improving your eating habits.


1. Sweat

$20 / month

Kayla Itsines’ workout became famous in the world because they provide impressive results. Workouts last about 28 minutes a day, and you can choose between a wide variety of routines, such as high-intensity workouts, yoga, post-pregnancy program and so on.