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What to Look For When Signing Up for a Gym Membership

by William Gist

You’ve decided that this is the year for all your health and fitness goals…and all this starts with a new gym membership. However, not only do you find lots of different gyms but you find various membership options. Which are you supposed to choose? What should you be looking for in a gym membership?

Are you looking for something like Golds Gym? Or are you looking for a gym like Boxing Incorporated? Well, look no further, we have some helpful advice for you today! Well, look no further, continue reading because we have some helpful advice for you today!

Compare the Market

If you haven’t already, the first thing you should be doing is assessing the different options close to your home. If you only have one or two, this will certainly be easier, but an hour or so of research here could allow you to prevent mistakes and make the right choice for your fitness plans.

Compare the Market


Grab a notepad, visit the websites of all the gyms, and write down their location, prices, special offers, whether or not they run classes, and whatever details are important to you. Once you’ve narrowed down the list to a handful, you can visit each (most will offer a day pass or even a free guest pass for your first workout so take advantage of this).

Terms That Suit You

 When do you normally feel the urge to do some exercise? While some people like to get up early in the morning, others prefer to do it late at night so don’t feel pressured by what others do. If you want to get up at six in the morning and workout before work, you’ll need a gym and membership that allows you to do this. Before making any decisions, make sure you’ll be allowed to do exactly what you need with your membership.


Costs and Fees

 When signing up for a gym membership, you need to understand the amount you’ll be paying per month, whether you’ll need to pay a maintenance fee each year, how long the contract lasts, and whether you can leave the contract at any time. With most gyms, you’ll find that the fixed-term, 12-month contracts will be the most affordable option because they need a minimum agreement from you in case you decide to stop going; if you sign this contract, you won’t be able to leave it for a full year.


Elsewhere, the month-to-month membership will be more expensive but you’ll have the freedom to leave at a month’s notice. If you are committed to your health goals, a 1 year contract becomes a very affordable option.

Equipment and Classes

For anybody looking for a new gym, we always recommend talking to people who have experience within the facilities on your shortlist. Often, they’ll be able to provide a good insight into the classes, equipment, how busy it gets at the different times of day, and even on the contract, whether prices will increase, the cancellation policy, etc.

Equipment and Classes gym


On the note of how busy the gym gets, this is incredibly important (the last thing you want after dragging yourself out of bed at six is having to wait around to workout!). Often, there’s a balance between a good exercise atmosphere and the gym being packed with people 24/7.

Other Considerations

 In our experience, the most important things to look for when signing up for a gym membership are location, opening hours, cost, and features (equipment and classes). However, we also recommend considering the following;

  • Opportunities for personal training
  • Discounts for recruiting friends
  • Group membership options
  • Parking (something that often goes forgotten!)
  • Nearby childcare facilities
  • Environment (cleanliness, tidiness, and overall atmosphere)
  • Insurance


Even after all these, there’s nothing wrong with being served with a smile, right? As you visit for your guest/free session, make sure the employees are happy and willing to help! The gym you choose should stand out among the other gyms in your area and have an energetic staff, enthusiastic members, and group classes.