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Amanda Bynes’ Parents Forbid Her to Get Married to Her AA Partner Paul Michael

by Tracy Finke

The once world-famous teen movie star Amanda Bynes got engaged to Paul Michael on Valentine’s Day, but the first problems already appeared. TMZ reports that her mother doesn’t approve of her 33-year-old daughter’s engagement, even though she hasn’t met her fiancé.

“Amanda’s mother is her conservator, and we’re told Amanda cannot get married without her conservator’s consent”, TMZ writes.

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Her mother is her legal guardian who is appointed to her by a judge to manage the affairs and daily life because Bynes is considered to be person impaired due to specific limitations. The former actress spent a lot of time in rehab due to her liquor addiction, and now she is diagnosed with a bipolar disorder.

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Sources close to the family said TMZ that the family feels it is not in her best interest to be married, “so a wedding ain’t happening”.

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Amanda recently posted a picture of a diamond ring with the caption: “Engaged to tha love of my life”. It is now rumored that Paul bought the ring on Amazon for $49. Sources say that Amanda is telling everyone around her that the ring doesn’t have a real diamond, but that she is fine with that.

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The couple met in AA, and they have been dating only for a few months. Sources also claim Amanda’s family believes Paul doesn’t have a job.

Bynes recently boasted on social media about her new face tattoo in the shape of a heart. She also took to Instagram to apologize to people she called ugly.