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Amanda Bynes Is Living From An Allowance Her Parents Give Her

by Elsa Stringer

Amanda Bynes was once the most promising child actress, and she even had her own show, The Amanda Show. She started her acting career very young but her life changed and her career was gone.

Amanda is now famous for her Twitter rant where she wrote a lot of ugly stuff about many celebrities, she wrote to Rihanna that she got what she deserved when Chris Brown beat her because she is ugly.

Amanda Bynes


She even started a fire in someone’s backyard in Los Angeles and she almost set her dog on fire. After this incident, she was hospitalized. She spent a lot of time in rehab, and now apparently she is okay, despite the fact that she was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder.

Amanda has a new look, a new hairstyle and she even opened a new Instagram account. She is still under strict surveillance from her doctors and her parents. She started living alone, but her parents are still giving her an allowance, $50 daily.


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Due to a court order, her mother is responsible for her and her funds until 2024.

Amanda Bynes