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Actress Rocio Munoz Morales Strips Down in Public

by Nebojša Vujinović

Rocio Munoz Morales, 31, the famous Spanish actress, was photographed by the paparazzi while she was changing clothes in public.

The star actress was in Italy on the set of a photo-editorial when the sneaky photographs captured her topless. Rocio had no clue that they were lurking around and decided to change her clothes in public.

Source: Instagram.com

The beauty faced the van as she took of her sweater and jeans, and changed into a T-shirt and skirt. In one picture, her side-boob is perfectly clear, while in the other, she appeared to have spotted the photographer since she is looking straight at the camera.


Source: Profimedia

She was together with another woman, a friend or an assistant, who was there to make sure everything went well. The actress’ hair was messy from the change, but she still looked absolutely gorgeous.

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Source: Profimedia

She is also a very successful model who collaborated with “Vogue,” “Elle,” “Glamour,” and “Vanity Fair.” Rocio also had stints with famous brands including car manufacturers like “Mercedes” and “McLaren,” as well as “Disney” and “LOreal.”

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Source: Instagram.com

Rocio has been together with the famous Italian actor Raoul Bova, 48. They have two daughters together, Luna, 5, and Alma, 2.

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