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20 of the Hottest Girls Cristiano Ronaldo Has Been Seen With in Europe

by Elsa Stringer

If there was a god in the game of football, it would definitely be Cristiano Ronaldo. Everyone knows his name by now. But football isn’t his only skill, he looks amazing and has a lot of money, of course.

This confirms it, he fulfills all the different demands women usually have of men and because of this he’s always had much success when it comes to dating women. Ronaldo usually has a beautiful woman at his side at all times, sometimes more than one. Recently he hasn’t been that active when it comes to dating, since he has a family now, but he sure didn’t stick to one woman before Georgina Rodriguez got married to him.

Let’s see some of these beautiful women he had spent time with before.

1. Cassandre Davis


Three years ago, in 2016, you could say that Ronaldo looked pretty satisfied next to the beautiful model Cassandre Davis, when he visited Miami. The two attractive people were lying next to a pool and just enjoying themselves. After that they met up with some friends and went for dinner at a popular Miami spot.

2. Georgina Rodriguez


His current wife, Georgina Rodriguez, went on a double date with the legend himself, Michael Jordan and his girlfriend. They went trekking around the French Riviera. When you think about it, both of them are millionaires, who ends up paying for dinner in the end? Maybe they argued over who should pay.

3. Georgina Rodriguez in Greece


Most people, which includes Cristiano himself, are convinced that the football star has settled down. He has been with his current lover and girlfriend for a couple of years now, who is also the mother of his son, Georgina, and it doesn’t look like it will be over anytime soon. In 2018 the two of them went away on vacation with their son to Greece.

4. Date in London with Georgina


This night required the power couple to get a babysitter for their 4 children in order for them to be able to go out and have some fun in London. They went to Scott’s restaurant in Mayfair and spent a whopping amount of money, 30 thousand just on the wine. I think pretty much anyone would want to be able to go to dinner with them.

5. With Georgina in Turin


In 2018, Georgina and Cristiano decided to visit Turin, Italy. They saw most of the sights, like the Churg of Gran Madre di Dio where the movie The Italian Job was made. His girlfriend was wearing her engagement ring, just to let everyone know that Ronaldo was not available anymore for sure.

6. Incognito with his favorite girl


Georgina and Ronaldo spent a day hanging out at Disneyland in Paris, France, but since there’s a big crowd there they tried to hide themselves a bit. But they didn’t fool anyone, that’s our famous power couple and behind those sun glasses is our god of Football, Cristiano Ronaldo.

7. Cristiano and Georgina on a private jet


Whenever Ronaldo and his fiancé decide to travel somewhere, they do it with ease and comfort. You never see them waiting in line like everyone else at airports. They always do it with private jets, something most of us can only dream about.

8. Nereida Gallardo


Before Cristiano got together with Georgina, there was Nereida. He spent some time courting the model before he went off the market with Georgina. A good way to get a model to like you is to take her to some amazing location. Extravagant vacations and models are probably two things Ronaldo is very acquainted with. Besides football, those two things might be his favorite in the world.

9. With Nereida in Sardinia


The couple looked pleased and happy while they were sunbathing on the beaches and yachts in Sardinia. All that made it look like their relationship was much more serious than it seemed. The two of them were together for 8 months and she even tattooed his name on her wrist, but ended up breaking up.

10. Irina Shayk and the Maldives


Irina Shayk, who is in a relationship with Bradley Cooper right now, used to be in one with Cristiano Ronaldo. They were together for a couple of years, and they had a lot of fun during those years, which included going to some amazing locations all over the world. The Maldives is one of those locations.

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11. Irina, Cristiano and his son in St. Tropez


Just another one of those exotic locations they visited was St. Tropez. This French city is famous for attracting rich people from all over the world, so at least we can be sure the two of them fit right in. But unlike the Maldives trip the two of them decided to take his son with them.

12. Irina and Ronaldo in NYC


Most of the time Ronaldo decides to take his beautiful girlfriends somewhere in Europe, but this time he decided to bring Irina to the States, NYC to be specific. Irina, who is his ex now, and Cristiano visited NYC for a boxing match, after which they went out and spent the night on the town.

13. Gemma Atkinson


There were a lot of rumors about Gemma and Cristiano back in 2007. While they were allegedly together, which was just for a couple of months, they spent most of their time just hanging out in Madrid. Nowadays Cristiano is almost married and focused on raising his four children with Georgina, while Gemma is also mother.

14. They tried to hide it


While Cristiano was dating Gemma, the couple tried not to expose themselves too much, but in this picture they were caught leaving a house together. Cristiano is and was extremely famous at the time, Gemma was too so it makes sense they didn’t want cameras following them all the time.

15. Merche Romero


Merche is a Portuguese model and TV personality. The two of them were together from January 2005 to September 2006, that is when Cristiano played for Manchester United. Both of them were focused and busy with their careers at the time they still made time for some vacation time. But these exotic locations and vacations were not enough to keep them together.

16. Merche and Cristano in London


The couple were often seen traveling together. Here you could see them leaving an airport in London, after that they were seen in Portugal. The two of them seemed to always be going somewhere, and it’s still the same for Ronaldo, but you can always see his family tagging along now.

17. Kim Kardashian before Kayne West


Before Kim got together with Kanye West, there were rumors that in 2010, when Kim Kardashian took a trip to Spain she spent some time with Cristiano. The two of them actually got caught kissing. After that, a couple of years later they ran into each other at a Jennifer Lopez event in Las Vegas.

18. Claudia Sanchez in Madrid


In 2015, just after breaking up with Irina Shayk, Ronaldo ended up in a rebound relationship with Claudia Sanchez. Since this was a rebound relationship it didn’t really last that long.

19. Bipasha Basu


The Indian model and actress had a fling with Ronaldo. And this news caused some controversy in the Bollywood sphere since at the time she was with Indian actor John Abraham. It seems like Crisitano isn’t the only one who liked having multiple partners.

20. Amal Saber


Cristiano organized an eatery at his house and the Moroccan model, Amal Saber, ended up spending some time there. The two didn’t last long though, it looks like they weren’t looking for anything serious at the time and after a couple of weeks they weren’t a thing anymore.