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5 Reasons Why Some Women in Their 40s Look Like Girls and Others Like Grannies!

by Tracy Finke

Today you can see women in their 40s who look like they are at least 20 years younger. Also, you often see those who are 40 years old and look like grannies. Here is why this is happening.

There are 5 valid reasons:

5. Hormonal changes are inevitable, but they can be stopped

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The main female hormone, estrogen, decrease its amount significantly in the body over the years. Estrogen is responsible for the skin’s elasticity and thickness. If you lack this hormone, the skin loses its glow. A steady diet also encourages estrogen loss, as most women are unable to bring in enough minerals and beneficial components into the body.

The right choice is to eat the following foods: soy cheese, tofu, flax seeds, and broccoli. Also, do not throw away meat.

4. There are old genes, but they can be controlled

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You can find in the female body dozens of different genes that are responsible for certain parts of the body. There is also a gene of age that can be controlled as follows:

– Reduce the caloric content of foods and maintain the level of useful vitamins and minerals.
– Discard alcohol and nicotine.
– Staying in the sun is harmful. The sun harms the skin because it takes minerals and elasticity out of it.
– The sound immune system is essential. Diseases cause enormous damage to the beauty and health of the body.
– Exercise has a significant effect.

3. The hairstyle is the main thing

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The easiest way to determine a woman’s age is with her hair. For some reason, the general opinion is that women over 40 have to have shorter hair. Psychologists have long proven wrong with this opinion, so you should keep a nice haircut. There is nothing more beautiful than long, nourished hair. It merely – erases the years.

2. Weight affects aging

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Being overweight always makes you look older. And it’s important to note that girls over 25 sometimes look like they are 40. Therefore, if you are overweight, consider losing weight.

1. Fashion

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The opinion is that a mature woman should not follow fashion but dress as comfortably as possible. This is the wrong attitude that makes it easy to look older.

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Being in the forties is a great time, and you can wear dresses and high heels as much as you like.

However, beware: it is essential to have a measure in fashion too.