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10 Worst Comedy Sequels We Were Better Not Seeing

by Nebojša Vujinović

Sequels can be gold mines. Some movies such as those from Marvel Cinematic Universe were quite a hit and spanned two or three sequels. The comedies we’re going to talk about today weren’t as lucky. For movies below the audience could have gone without. Check out the 10 worst comedy sequels we were better not seeing.

Son of the Mask

The original flick was great due to one Jim Carrey. When the second one came out it was doomed to fail without its lead star. It also lacked the amazing Cameron Diaz. The recipe for success was gone.

Caddyshack II

Another film that should have never been green-lighted. The actors from the first film including Bill Murray, Rodney Dangerfield, and Ted Knight declined to participate. Also, the director Harold Ramis wasn’t at the helm. The replacements failed to deliver and we have this miss on our hands.

Zoolander 2

The wait was too long for this one. The first part was out fifteen years prior to Zoolander 2. In the mid-time, the celebrities Ben Stiller was making fun of became a real thing. It was hard to replicate the success of the original one.

Dumb and Dumber To

Another movie that came too late. The first part made sense, and it was fun as hell. The second hit the theaters twenty years later, and not even Carrey could make people laugh at the same old dumb character. It was a miss, and a two decades big one.

Coming 2 America

The main issue with these comedy sequels is that took too long to deliver. Murphy had this film in the works for years, and the fans were hungry to see it. Once they did, the disappointment came too. It was a far cry from the original despite the best attempt.

Blues Brothers 2000

The second installment was a miss from the get-go. It was John Belushi who made the film amazing. When the second one came out, Belushi was already dead. Without it, the sequel couldn’t capture any of the magic the initial piece had.

Bad Santa 2

Bad Santa 2 did one thing wrong. It tried too hard to outdo the first one. Bad Santa had its measure on what it wanted to deliver and it was a fine product. When the 2 came out, it didn’t lack the energy of the first one; it had too much and it didn’t bode well with the audience.

The Hangover Part II/Part III

The Hangover was a perfect buddy comedy. It had the concept and the cast was perfectly selected to carry it out. They did, and when the first film ended they had nowhere to go. Except they did, go, and to the other part of the world. Both Part II and Part III just tried too much to overshadow the original. They failed, despite the cast being assembled again.

Super Troopers 2

This one definitely shouldn’t have been made. Why? Well, the humor in the first piece was so original and one of a kind that they couldn’t have made more of it. Something new would make a completely different movie. So, what did they do? They recycled most of the essence of the first piece. The lack of originality was evident and the failure was guaranteed.

Bill & Ted Face the Music

Here, we are talking about the third installment in this franchise. In this case, even the second part was hard to swallow. The third one hit on our memories of youth in an attempt to provide a quality product. It’s not like the film was unwatchable, but it didn’t bring all that much to the table.