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10 Biggest Celebrity Tattoo Fails

by Tracy Finke

3. Brad Pitt

Image source: jellyshare.com

Most tattoos are pretty recognizable, even if they’re awful, but Brad Pitt’s tattoo had everyone who saw it scratching their head about random lines on his back. Angelina Jolie eventually revealed all about Brad’s ink, and it turned out to be a doodle. She explained that they were at the World Economic Forum in Davos and were at a loose end, so she started drawing on his back. The actress told Entertainment Weekly that the marks are meaningful. As it’s the two of them “making angles and shapes out of each other’s body”.

2. Cara Delevingne

Image source: zegde.com

It’s no surprise that celebs get tattoos dedicated to the people they love and even things they love. In this case, it’s dedicated to food. Cara Delevingne has been vocal about her love of bacon. She’s paid tribute to the meat in vine videos and Instagram pics, but the model took it to a whole new level when she got the word “bacon” tattooed on the sole of her foot. The Brit told the Cut that she got the inking because she loves its “meatiness” and the “salt”.

1. Cheryl Cole

Image source: hellomagazine.com

Singer Cheryl Cole got a massive rose tattoo across her entire behind. She got the flower emblazoned across her behind as a part of a bucket list.

Image source: thesun.co.uk

After surviving malaria in 2010, the singer created a list of things to do because “life’s too short”. Her former Girls Aloud bandmate Sarah Harding was less than complimentary about it, telling the Sun newspaper it looked ridiculous.