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Did You Know Winona Ryder and Jimmy Fallon Dated?

by Tracy Finke

That actress Winona Ryder and Hollywood star Johnny Depp were a couple, we all know, and even most of the details of their relationship, but everyone is less aware of who Winona dated after Depp.

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Numerous rumors indicate that the actress was in a relationship with famous host Jimmy Fallon way back in 2000. They have only been in a relationship for a month, during May of that year, and since their relationship failed, they still say today that they have always been just friends.

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After Depp, Winona has been in a relationship with colleague actor Matt Damon, and in recent years has been hiding all the details of her private life. She is in a relationship with Scott Mackinlay Hahn since 2011.

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Her friends say she has never been happier. Still, just as they did not comment on her relationship with Fallon, also no one has revealed any details about her relationship with designer Hahn.

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