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Taylor Swift Donates $3,000 to a Loyal Fan Who Lost Her Job

by Nebojša Vujinović

Superstar singer Taylor Swift, 30, became the latest on the list of celebrities who helped out those in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

The award-winning star has decided to help out a fan in need and show her thoughtfulness and compassion. The struggling fan is a college student who lost her job because of the spread of COVID-19 and everything being closed down.

Source: Instagram

Jess Buslewicz is a native of Connecticut and a sophomore at Smith College. She had a rough time after she lost her campus tour guide job, as well as her babysitter job, following the quarantine situation in the USA.

Source: Instagram

She then posted a message online, asking for assistance from anyone who might listen and care, which is when her luck turned and her favorite artist responded, donating a sum of $3,000. This is the message she received from Taylor Swift:

“Jess, I saw your post about everything you’re going through. I’m sorry you lost your campus job. I can see that this situation has caused you intense anxiety and I hope this gift of $3,000 will help and that you and your mom are healthy and safe. Sending you hugs, Taylor.”

This is not the first nor the last person she has helped so far. Samantha Jacobson, another loyal fan and a childhood friend of Swift, as well as Holly Turner, a huge and loyal fan close to Swift from the start of her career, received $3,000 each.


This goes to show how much the celebrities understand the current situation and how generous they can be when they want. In this dire times when the world is suffering, they are the ones who can do the most since they are among the most influential, popular, and wealthy people on the planet.

These $9,000 are nothing to Swift, whose estimated net worth is more than $360 million. Every day, more and more stars from all areas of entertainment decide to chip in and do their part, helping those who need it most.

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