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William Levy Is on the Verge of Bankruptcy After Scandals Ruined His Career?

by Tracy Finke

Actor William Levy became famous for his roles of handsome men in Latin American soap operas, for which he won the sympathies of women all over the world, many of whom have not forgotten him today.

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His most notable role, thanks to which he became the most sought after actor in telenovelas, was in the series “Cuidado con el ángel,” in which he played the lead male role or Juan Miguel.

Even the famous Jennifer Lopez couldn’t resist him, so in 2011 he appeared in her video for the song “I’m into you” in which he didn’t let her out of a passionate embrace. However, after that, his career actually went downhill, all because of his great desire to break into Hollywood, which is why he refused to engage in telenovelas. His wishes and plans did not come true, and with a combination of circumstances, he soon collapsed financially.

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Although he was nicknamed the “Cuban Brad Pitt” because of his combination of origin and appearance, it did not help him gain a more significant role, but those supporting ones that did not earn him much honor. He had to give up the luxury cars he drove, and in 2016, his house was seized for allegedly dizzying $ 1 million in debt.

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“He says he was the one to cut ties with Televisa. He is continuing with his projects, which include producing movies and will be opening two restaurants in the near future”, reporter Luis Borrego said last year. However, according to the papers, the actor owes a “ton of money to the IRS”, around $200.000 in back taxes since 2017, Miami Herald reports.

Levy refused soap opera roles because he wanted to make a break into Hollywood movies.

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Meanwhile, today 39-year-old William has managed to solve part of his financial problems but still has no desire to return to telenovelas, but rumors that he will be forced to make that move are becoming louder.

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Although he is no longer doing well in his professional career, in his private life, he has had more luck. William has been married to actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez for 17 years, which did not stop him from fussing around whenever he had the opportunity.

He has been linked several times to the hot colleagues he has played with, and it has been rumored that Jennifer Lopez broke up her marriage to Marc Anthony because of him. But his biggest affair was with actress Jacqueline Bracamontes, who even swore he would leave his wife for her.

She, however, spoke publicly about everything in her novel and admitted that she broke off her relationship with William only when she learned that he and his wife were expecting a second child. He denied everything, but few believed his story.

New problems emerged after he was indicted for luring a minor to a hotel room and forcing her to have intimate relations. The charge was later withdrawn, but William never denied that he had slept with the girl, but stated that she had lied to him for how old she was.

But this was not the end of the scandals in his life. Soon, a correspondence with Miss Mexico Ximena Navarrete, another of his alleged mistresses, leaked to the news.

In the end, his wife forgave him all and decided to stay with him, and they are still together today because he is said to have changed entirely and devoted to raising their daughter and son together.

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