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Will Melania’s Happiness Classes Help Her Marriage With Donald?

by Sinisav

EXPRESS – 02/22/2020: Melania Trump and husband, President Donald Trump will soon land in India for a diplomatic visit. And, when they get there, the First Lady will undergo specialized training. This is not something regular people in America do, but it could be essential for the relationship between the presidential couple.

During her stay in one of the world’s most populous countries, she will attend something called happiness classes. This is a standard part of education in India. The goal of these classes is for students to learn how to live happily next to their classmates. While Melania Trump is at these classes, Mr. President will be with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


Source: newsweek.com

While these lessons seem naive, it could have a beneficiary effect on the First Lady. It’s a known fact that she often looks unhappy next to her husband, Donald Trump. Because of this, the media often speculates that she is not happy in her marriage. This could change after their visit to India, or at least Melania could learn how to act happy next to her husband.

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This visit is not an ordinary event for the people of India. The arrival of the Trump presidential couple is regarded as a national holiday. The roads are being rebuilt, trees planted, and temples built. Yes, you hear it right, one man in India worships Donald Trump as a god. There will also be an event called Namaste Trump, which will be held at the world’s largest cricket stadium to honor President Trump.

Melania Trump will be, at all times, escorted by a specially assembled team of ten female officers from Indian police corps. These women will wear unique outfits, contrary to their regular khaki uniforms. Furthermore, these police ladies how been taught how to talk with Melania.

It is estimated that trump’s visit to India will cost around $63 million.

Source: express.co.uk