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There’s a Man in India Who Worships Donald Trump as a God

by Sinisav

NEW YORK POST – 02/19/2020: You can think whatever you want about Donald Trump. The opinions are divided. But, would you consider him a God? Of course not, but some people would. There’s a man in India who worships POTUS as a God.

This man believes this to a full extent. He even has a shrine dedicated to the 45th US President. In this shrine, which is located in his garden, he prays daily to his God. The man in question is named Bussa Krishna. In an interview he gave to local media, Krishna stated: “Instead of praying to other gods, I started praying to him, my God, Donald Trump. My love for him has transformed into reverence.”

Donald Trump

Source: nypost.com

Bussa Krishna started praying to Donald Trump when he was 33 years old. He’s now 37 and claims that it all started when he had a dream about the US President, Donald Trump. Upon realizing that Donald Trump is hos God, he hired fifteen workers to help him build a 6-foot statue of POTUS. This shrine dedicated to Donald Trump is located in a village in the south part of Indian state Telangana.

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Talking to New Delhi TV Krishna told: “He is like a God to me that is the reason I had his statue built. Every Friday, I fast for Trump’s long life. I also carry his picture and pray to him before commencing any work. ”

The statue represents Trump in his blue navy suit, white shirt, and red tie. Because of his adoration of Trump, Krishna is now called Trump Krishna in his village. Furthermore, his house is referred as House Trump.

The villagers never had any complaint of Krishna and his new God. They praised his devotion. Friends and Family all hope that Krishna will have a chance to meet Donald Trump during his visit later in February.

Source: nypost.com