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Why Torrenting Can Be A Bad Idea

by Edvard Berlusconi

Many of us are familiar with torrents. Chances are that at some point in our lives, we’ve used a torrent to download movies, TV shows or applications to our computer. In the olden days, torrents were the go-to medium for getting access to premium content. Things are different now. A widespread crackdown against piracy has made it close to impossible to get torrents

Unfortunately, many people remain unaware of the fact that not all torrents are illegal. Some, like BitTorrent, is just a medium for transferring large amounts of data from one place to another. However, since the majority only uses torrents to download copyright-protected content, the authorities regulate and ban torrents extensively.

So, how can you download torrents safely in the midst of all this? Let’s take a look.

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Why torrents are popular?

Recently an article appeared on the Forbes website. It was titled “Why More and More People are Returning to BitTorrent”. It highlighted the reasons why torrents are still popular despite numerous efforts by companies and governments alike. The article sheds light on an important factor which is nullifying all efforts made by various entities to stop torrenting.

Movies and TV shows are the most frequently torrented content. Although streaming services are widely available and subscriptions are also affordable, there are just too many of them. This is a dilemma for many people who find their favorite shows spread across different platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime or BBC’s iPlayer. Instead of subscribing to a host of different services, users simply resort to torrenting.

Types of content that is downloaded from torrents


Anyone who has been using the internet for a considerable amount of time has come in contact with torrents at some point. Although movies and TV shows are the types of content that are downloaded the most off torrents, they are not the only things that people get from these websites. Torrents are a source of many applications and software etc.

In summary, anything that people feel is too expensive to afford can be downloaded through torrents. It is important to know, however, that torrents are mostly illegal so it is better to go for the official version of the software rather than getting a pirated one.

How to torrent safely


We will acknowledge the fact that sometimes torrenting becomes imperative for instance when a certain movie, TV show or application is not available for a specific region. Yes, geo-restrictions are elaborate and they are also becoming very frequent adding to the list of issues people already face. Torrents are the riskiest things you can download off the internet because there is no way of telling what is inside.

Here are a few tips to protect yourself when downloading torrents.

Avoid mainstream sites

You may think that the leading websites, or the ones that are left after consistent efforts from the authorities for the past few years, are safe but that’s not the case. The popular website like TorrentBay and PirateBay will also be the first places that the digital watchdogs will look if they want to want to catch people involved in torrenting.

So, if it does become necessary to use a torrent, go for websites like Demonoid, etc. These are less known websites and come under the regulatory radar much later than other platforms. Then again, never let your guard down because the further down the chain you go, the worse things begin to get. Always keep a watch out for potential malware that may be attached to a torrent you are downloading.

Use a proxy


The best of all options when it comes to downloading torrents without being caught is to use a proxy. This is anything that can hide your digital identity or specifically your IP address. There are a number of platforms that can act as a proxy including certain websites or torrent VPN applications. Make sure you pick a credible service though because once again, these services that also get you into trouble.

Avoid seeding

Seeding occurs after a torrent has completed downloading. It is the act of uploading or downloading data for other users. It is imperative to avoid this at all costs because if you are caught and have been seeding, the charges on you will also include wider distribution because you were acting as a vessel to upload or download content for others.



Torrents are both legal and illegal. Most of them are part of the latter but when authorities begin to crack down on these services, they usually disregard whether you were downloading the legal stuff or the illegal ones. This is why it is imperative to always stay safe through the use of the steps mentioned above. You can also protect yourself by hiding the file and adjusting BitTorrent settings to avoid detection from your ISP.