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What Are The Main Advantages Of VPNs

by William Gist

What is a Virtual Private Network or VPN? A VPN is simply a way to connect to different locations that are separated from the internet by using security protocols that allow both the confidentiality and the authenticity of the information that travels through the network system or VPN connection.

In these days being privacy and security cautious is of very big importance and is very high in demand in companies, and the need to send encrypted data over a network, VPN technology has been progressing and is becoming a lot more widespread in the business and private environment.

Here are some of the advantages you can get out of a VPN.

Improved security


VPN has a lot of benefits that increase our online privacy and safety when surfing the internet not just from hackers, but from telephone operators and the government. However, if you are surfing from your home Wi-Fi, sure you could go about without a VPN. But if you are connecting to some public WiFI network, doing it through a VPN will be much better. Your real IP address will stay safe while masking your data and your actual location through several encryptions.

ISPs are able to read all the information they gather of their clients which can contain sensitive and personal information, password or other things you wouldn’t want anyone else to see. But when you are using a VPN, an ISP will never be able to access your user log. Instead, all they will see is some encrypted statistics from the VPN server.

If you are interested in getting a VPN and you want to know more about its benefits and safety, you can learn more here.

Remote Access

By using a VPN you will be able to access your information remotely from anywhere. Using a VPN can increase the company’s productivity since all employees will have the ability to access their content without having to be in a particular location (office) in order to be productive.



Almost all VPN service providers have differently priced packages they can offer. There are a lot of affordable, but very reliable VPNs out there with friendly support.

Buying cheaper tickets

One of the more “secret” benefits of VPNs is that you can use them to buy cheaper flight tickets that are exclusive only to some particular locations. Every airline operator and reservation centers have different prices for different countries. So, if you want to get a cheaper flight ticket, you should look for a state that has a lower cost of living than yours, then connect to that country through a VPN and get your ticket.


One of the more important benefits of using a VPN is that you can access any web application or website completely anonymously. For example, Hulu (online streaming service) will only allow streaming to some specific countries/locations. However, when you use a VPN, Hulu will see that your IP address comes from a country they allow streaming. This will let you skill all geographical restrictions so you will be able to get all the content you want.