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Why E-mail Verifications Are Important – Everything You Need To Know

by William Gist

Every experienced digital marketer knows that e-mail verifications are one of the most important things for their jobs. Collecting e-mail addresses is a regular routine of every marketer that has been in the industry for at least some time, and if you are wondering why, we are here to explain.

Simply because you’ve received a new subscriber or a follower on a certain marketing campaign, doesn’t mean that the account from which the action was performed is real. There are so many fake accounts (also known as bots) on social media, websites and forums nowadays, and they are all used in order to boost exposure, visibility and gain reach in a non-legitimate, non-efficient way.


However, not everything is as gray as it seems, and this is where e-mail verification comes to save the day. Here’s a simple example to help you understand things a little bit better.

If someone subscribes or follows to a certain profile or campaign that you manage, by requiring them to verify this action with an e-mail confirmation, you are making sure that there’s an actual person behind that account. If you don’t however, any bot or a “spam account” will be able to do this, and by allowing this to happen, especially multiple times, you will gain a false sense of your marketing campaign efficiency, and a false number of reach. This type of inaccurate information can mess up with your methods, and in most cases end up causing a lot of unwanted consequences.


Maybe you are not really all that familiar with e-mail verification, but this example was enough in order to understand the importance of it. Simply think of e-mail verification as another added layer of security for all of your e-mail marketing goals and digital marketing campaigns.

Why a confirmation mail is important?

When it comes to online transactions, a confirmation email is crucial for both the customer and the seller. According to Selzy.com, this email serves as proof of the transaction and helps to build trust between the two parties. It also provides important details about the purchase such as order number, payment method, shipping address, and expected delivery date. In case of any discrepancies or issues with the order, customers can refer back to the confirmation email for clarification or proof of purchase. Overall, a confirmation email is an essential communication tool in online transactions that ensures transparency and accountability for both parties involved.

According to TheChecker, e-mail verification not always about being protected from receiving fake e-mails, it’s about sending legitimate ones as well. As a marketing agent or anyone who really wants to gain some reach and exposure through the e-mail method, it is really important that you keep your Sender Score as high as possible. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, Sender Score is basically a number which helps all ISPs determine if your e-mails are legitimate and worthy of being put in someone’s inbox, or if they should end up being filtered and moved into the spam folder.


If you are not really careful and aware of your Sender Score, you might drop it low enough so that your e-mails don’t actually get delivered as you want them to, and this is probably the worst nightmare for any digital marketing agency.

However, if a person confirmed through an e-mail that they want to stay subscribed to your website, service or even a certain type of a campaign, your e-mails will automatically be considered as legitimate and end up in the person’s inbox upon sending them. This will automatically increase your Sender Score as well, which will be of great help for any future e-mail sending. And even if a person ends up making their mind that they don’t want to receive your e-mails anymore, instead of marking them as spam or junk, they will simply unsubscribe from your service, and this will keep your Sender Score untouched.