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Why Bouldern (Bouldering) Is So Popular In Germany

by William Gist

Bouldering is different from rock climbing because in bouldering the climber doesn’t use ropes or harnesses. It is considered to be much more dangerous to boulder then to rock climb. But regardless of the risks, bouldering is very popular in Germany for multiple reasons.

Bouldering has soared into popularity in Germany these past few years and its starting to become one of the most popular outdoor activities behind jogging and cycling.

It’s popular because it’s so challenging and physically demanding, something that Germans cannot say no to. It takes incredible muscular strength and endurance to make it in this sport. The strength and endurance are most needed in the forearms, hands, and fingers. However, a study was conducted on bouldering and it found out that professional boulderers don’t have that stronger hands than the general public; a fact that bemused us.


Bouldering is a unique sport that takes maximum determination. Boulderers are quite different from rock climbers, as rock climbers are usually smaller in size. Bouldering, considering how more dangerous it is, requires maximum physical strength since a mistake can be quite costly for the boulderer. Germans are quite strong people, so a sport like this that has a little bit more adrenalin is bound to suit them.

It’s safe to say that there are benefits to any sport, but here are some of the benefits that are mostly associated with bouldering.

01. Strength and Endurance

According to this website, bouldering requires more upper body strength than overall body physique. Competing in this sport requires footwork, aerobic endurance, core stability, and lower body strength, but it’s the strength of your upper body that makes the difference. Statistics say that climbing a mountain for an hour burns up to 700 calories in adult males. Throw in the prospect of actually climbing it with your bare hands and feet, and you’re bound to burn double calories.

2. Bouldering Reduces Strength


When we think of climbing rocks without any safety ropes or harnesses, we don’t really think about a stress-free climb. However, when you first start with this sport, you will be doing it in closed gyms where each landing will be on something soft. This is done until you master the techniques. When you do that, you will experience your first stress-free climb.

Although it is an extreme sport, it does puts you to a state called flow. This is a state where climbers usually talk about when doing their run. It’s about putting yourself into a mindset that creates a sense of euphoria. And the flow can block all types of pain, physical and mental. Bouldering in the outdoors also has a benefit called forest bathing.

3. Boosts Brain Functions


Germans are problem solvers, and bouldering is all about solving the problem of how to make the next climb. Veteran climbers call bouldering routes “problems” since it takes an extreme amount of body awareness and problem-solving skills to make your way to the top.

However, the top is not as obvious as you might think, and boulderers often times have to make it back to the begging and seek a new route. It takes a tremendous amount of focus and understanding of rocks to know which one is solid for grabbing, where to place your foot, and how to shift your body weight before your next move.