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5 Best Paths for Running in Chengdu City

by Edvard Berlusconi

Located in a rare plain in southwestern China, Chengdu is an ideal city for all purposes of running; be it for health, for losing weight, or for competing in races. However, there are too many beautiful places in Chengdu. You need to either select and explore very carefully or count on some reliable sources to find the best place for your running.

With help from Chengdu’s official travel guide site GoChengdu, in this article, we will introduce you to the best running routes (for all purposes) located in this wonderful Chinese city!

Running on laps: Chengdu Sport University (400m/lap)

Running on sports ground can have a lot of benefits: high-quality tracks, freedom from vehicles, and (possibly) nice run-mates. If you are looking for all these, Chengdu Sport University is the place for you. Here you can find professional tracks at 400 meters per lap, dedicated for demanding runners. Although its campus sits in the heart of Chengdu City, its sports ground is totally noise- and traffic-free. In fact, you can reach the campus by metro or just by walking, if your places allow. For short term tourists who want to keep their training routine, make sure you live around this amazing place. You can enjoy not only its running track: it has also get climbing walls, basketball courts, football pitches, swimming stadiums, and even museums for your variety of life. Besides, the campus is close to the famous Jinli Street, a culturally-amusing spot for art and history lovers.

It is also highly likely that you will run alongside professional students who majored in all kinds of sports. There was a saying “If you go, you go with the champions.” This is the right place.

Address: 2 Taiyuan Rd, Temple of Marquis, Wuhou, Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Short-run and warm-up run: Huanhuaxi Park (3KM)

Huahuaxi is beautiful to remember: it means a brook to wash flowers in Chinese. Living up to its name, this park is a gorgeous place if you are looking for tree shades, waterside paths and stylish buildings, you will want to run at it.

Established at the tourism hub of Chengdu, you can choose your own version of running routine: you can run from the part’s entrance alongside the lake for around 3Km, or you can take a shift to the near-by Dufu’s Thatched Cottage, which was a house of the most important Chinese poet, and now a well-reserved park. Marathon runners in the city gather here every day and run on laps.

Address: 9 Qinghua Rd, Qingyang Gongshangquan, Qingyang, Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Regular running or LSD: Qinglong Lake (7Km/lap)

Located between the third and fourth municipal highway rings, the Qinglong Lake wetland part is one of the best places for long slow distance drill (LSD) in Chengdu City. Well-known to local runners, the Qinglong Lake has a perfect length of 7km to meet the needs both for leisure running and for LSD running. It boasts very wide and neat lakeside roads, covered by large shades of high trees, purifying the air and blocking noises from the outside. In this park, you can enjoy more than running: the humidity and scenery will make an ideal environment for leisure walks and chats with friends too. It is a part of the tomb culture area in Chengdu. You will also want to take a tour of its surroundings to learn this intriguing part of China’s ancient history. If you are visiting the Qinglong Lake for LSD purposes, remember to find a good locker outside the park.

Address: Qinglonghu Wetland Park, Longquanyi District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Long-distance runners: Second Ring Road (Highway pedestrian, 28km)

There are always people who seek challenges in every way, and running for long distances is one of the most challenging things there are. In Chengdu, such challengers will name the Second Ring Road as the paradise for them. It is the pedestrian road of the second highway that goes around the Chengdu City center. Here, you will find a perfect combination of distance and convenience: you can find many convenience stores en route for water supply, and you can challenge yourself with this 28km routine. Beware of occasional construction sites, but generally, its road condition is good. You won’t expect too heavy traffic especially at dawn and in the evening. Just select a starting point that’s near your residence and jump in.

Real marathon challenge: Third Ring Road (Highway pedestrian, 51km)

Even you are a regular marathon runner, you are not recommended to finish the Third Ring Road at its full length of 51km. The distance is one thing, but the terrain is more challenging: it has not only straight roads but also sharp turns, up slopes, overhead walkways and many other kinds of terrains that can torture your knees and ankles. However, many well-known local runners will take it as their weekend routines. If you are new to this city but you really want to keep your marathon drill, you will find an alternative from the official path of the 2019 Chengdu Marathon on gochengdu.cn. Keep hydrated and supplied, and enjoy the run!