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Famous Hiking Destinations In The World

by Dangula Bingula

One of the best ways to appreciate the world is to explore it.

The ironic thing today is, we live right inside our world, and yet, we’re not as close as to seeing its wonders. Being occupied with a lot of things, we tend to forget that we are dwelling inside a one-of-a-kind gem, with countless wonders waiting to be discovered.

If you’ve been thinking that all this time, you’re living in such a horrible world (with all the politics, wars and greed in it), you may want to get up close with the world you’re living in.

It may take a lifetime to explore our Earth’s every great destination, but you may start with these top destinations to see the world’s gems you’ve been missing all this time.

1. Top Destination #1 Bhutan


For those of you who’ve been dreaming of a Himalayan paradise face to face, then they should look at Bhutan before everything else. Unlike most top destinations that have lost its luster, Bhutan has successfully preserved its wonders with its ‘high-value, low impact tourism policy.

To experience their monastery crowned hills enveloped by a pine-scented sphere, they require tourists to pay a fee to visit this destination. This policy enables them to limit the tourists that visit their historic places and as a source of means to maintain the beauty of its tourist destinations.

2. Top Destination #2 Himachal

“Those who are seeking opportunities to enjoy a trip filled with sightseeing, solitude, rich biodiversity, and snowy mountains, then they must visit Himachal Pradesh. Being home to some of the best hilly terrains, seasonal flora, and serene landscapes, Himachal Pradesh offers some of the best locations to spend a holiday. Offering a respite for the scorching heat of summer, this state houses many hill stations providing a chance to enjoy some of the best adventure sports.
Treks to Kufri, Spiti, Kasol, and especially the triund trek are the most famous treks here and tourists from all over the world visit here to conquer these hills. You can get a trekking package for a better experience, for example, Thrillophilia provides an extraordinary experience for the Triund trek expedition, similarly, Heyhimlayas, Liveladakh, etc. are good for tour packages and day out stuff in here. Overall, this quaint location offers every experience needed for a fun-filled trip with friends and family.

3. Top Destination #3 Eswatini (Swaziland)


Have you ever heard of the country called ‘eSwatini’? Probably not.

For a bit of trivia, it is the new name of Swaziland, a country located in South Africa known for its wildlife destinations. Its official name now is the ‘Kingdom of eSwatini’.

Even with a new name, it still preserves Swaziland’s best destinations and tourists experience that can surely rival other world-renowned top spots (that’s why it’s on our list). Aside from wildlife experience, eSwatini can also satisfy visitors with a dose of adrenaline rush. Its varied landscapes in their parks provide a perfect place to do zip lining, whitewater rafting and trekking!

3. Top Destination # 3 California


If you think that California is all about the Golden Gate Bridge, oh boy, you’ve been missing a lot of great experiences in the Golden State. If you are searching for a trekking haven that can satisfy the Explorer in you, you should have this state on your list!

Grizzly Lake is a top spot to backpack in California because of its eye-popping waterfall. The view of a flowing waterfall is arguably the most unrivaled viewing experience that any travelers can experience. You may also want to visit the Thompson Peak, which is just near Grizzly Lake, that lets you see what an alpine wilderness really looks like. Check tent.net for other Hiking destinations in California.

4. Top Destination #4 Costa Rica


Biodiversity pulls in visitors, and Costa Rica uses this asset to the fullest. For visitors who search, not for high concrete buildings, but for truly preserved biodiversity, Costa Rica can show-off its whales, sloths, unusual frogs, jaguars and almost all imaginable animals. The country’s love for energy cannot only be seen on its biodiversity but on its energy-sources as well. 90% percent of its energy comes from various renewable energy that doesn’t damage their (or anyone’s) environment.

And as always, every destination must have something for adrenaline-seeking tourists. For Costa Rica’s part, it offers ziplines and volcano hikes that can reveal their preserved environment even more.

Do you see how great our world is? Man, we are living right inside a gem!. There’s no question why you should visit a great destination within your lifetime because as inhabitants, one of our purposes is to discover how beautiful our world is.

Your house and workplace are not the only places that this world has to offer; go out, and visit the great gems that you have been missing all this time!