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What Will Be Donald Trump’s Political Demise?

by Sinisav

DEMOTIX – 03/21/2020: Donald Trump is in a tight spot right now. Joe Biden leads him in the polls, which is a clear sign that the US citizens are losing confidence in him. The biggest test of his presidency is right ahead, but no one knows, not even Trump himself, who will be victorious. Battle against coronavirus is not one that POTUS wanted, and it’s not the one he knows how to win quickly.

At the moment, President Trump is under barrage fire from his critics for the mishandling of coronavirus outbreak. President is now pulling the moves right and left, and you can’t say otherwise. He’s doing his best to help the citizens, and save the American way of life through measures that will protect lives and keep the economy at the same time.

Donald Trump

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What President Trump didn’t do is notice the danger of coronavirus from the start. Yes, POTUS now claims that he went straight ahead in a fight with this disease, but this isn’t true. Donald Trump downplayed coronavirus for weeks and wasn’t aware of what it can do to America. The country is on its knees, and this is partially Trump’s fault for claiming that the virus will go on its own.

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In the midst of panic caused by the coronavirus outbreak, people forgot about another close call that the President had only a few months ago. Before COVID-19, Mr. Trump was on trial and close to being impeached. This is a little talked about subject at the moment, but our President was on trial on charges of abuse of power and obstructing of justice. These are grave charges, for which he is guilty, just not liable enough to be impeached.

Now that Joe Biden is ahead of him in polls, and the election campaign is still ongoing, there’s a chance that he could lose the elections. People are quick to forget, and if he fails, they will claim it’s due to coronavirus. But, impeachment will have a role in his loss. What do you think, what will be Donald Trump’s political demise?

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