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Joe Biden Leads Trump in Polls, And The Difference is Tangible

by Sinisav

CNN – 03/21/2020: Things aren’t going well for President Donald Trump. At the moment, according to polls, Joe Biden leads in general elections race. A survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News gives Biden an advantage of 52% to 43%.

This is quite a surprise considering that Trump was favorite earlier in the year. But, the coronavirus crisis is making POTUS look bad, and he’s losing voters. Despite the coronavirus outbreak, the presidential campaign is still underway. The Democrat candidate is not yet selected, but Bernie Sanders almost has no chance of becoming the nominee.

Joe Biden

Source: orlandosentinel.com

Everyone expects a duel between Trump and Biden, and this will be what we will get. An interesting fact about upcoming elections is the unfortunate position in which Donald Trump finds himself. POTUS is trailing Biden at this moment. This is the first time that a current President is behind his rival at this point in the campaign since 1948 and President Harry Truman.

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The elections are not far away, but they aren’t exactly close. Till November, things can change, but we shouldn’t take advantage that Biden now has as meaningless. If we look at history, which always finds a way of repeating itself, Biden has a chance to win the popular vote. He has a 60% chance of doing this.

Of course, we shouldn’t dismiss Trump. The popular vote will not win you the elections; the states will. At the moment, POTUS has an advantage in the majority of states. But, what he doesn’t have is control over the current crisis. Coronavirus outbreak could shift the elections from him if he doesn’t handle it until November.

If coronavirus isn’t contained until at least September, there’s a chance that Trump’s once high chance of reelections could go down the drain.

Source: cnn.com