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What To Look For In Professional Outdoor Basketball Shoes

by Ingeborg

Great dunks, astonishing shots, perfect pass are some parts of the basketball game. It is a high adrenaline rush sport which requires gears of the top level. Professional basketball shoes must be a high performance one, to match the intensity to the players, to be on the hardwood.

They must be designed for high performance, quick sprinting up and down the court, and light-weighted. The upper portion and the soul should be comfortable and also be in fashion to suit your game. Your shoe must match your playing style and must be designed as per your movement on the hardwood.

  • Selecting your upper

Upper is the shoes’ height you want to go with. It is categorized into three sections-high, middle and low, depending on the stature of a player.


High-top one has an upper wrap surrounding your ankle, providing extra comfort, support, and stability. This extra wrap also increases the weight of the boots, resisting your movement. If you are a player with an immense stature and height, it might turn as the best option for you.

As per the name, the mid-top one, do not have an extra cover around your ankle. Make it light weighted and supplier to move on the court. Basketball shoes must be selected as per your game styles and positions you play in. It is more preferable for a short height player.

Low-top ones are built for agility and quick movement. These are mostly opted by players, playing as a guard, which would help you to move swiftly across the hardwood.

  • Well ventilated


Basketball is a tiresome sport, where you sweat a lot. Having wet shoes is not a good idea, as you slip and tumble down, hurting yourself. Ventilation is an essential feature for a basketball player, as it helps in putting firm steps and lets you move quickly. These ones must be designed with mesh materials, and available on ProBasketballTroops website. It allows the air to ventilate, keeping your feet dry when you go for a slam dunk.

  • Comfortable mid-soul


Basketball shoes’ mid-soul is the most crucial feature in it. This part includes the cushioning system, and it must last long. The midsection of the feet consumes the pressure when you jump to score and land, which involves a lot of strain. This mid cushion consumer and evenly disperses the force along the whole feet, giving you a comfortable landing.

This cushion is made up of, ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam, giving you a high-end performance and is dense. It enhances the stability of shoes and has a uniform weight throughout.

  • Fashion statement


Your shoes should not only be a high-performance one but also be in fashion. Colorful and flashy distinguish you from the others, hence increasing your morale and helping to dunk balls. Being in fashion statement enhances both your game-play and people’s outlook towards you.

This article will undoubtedly help you to choose the right pair of basketball shoes with the above features. Make sure to emphasize these facts as shoes play a lot of roles in determining the overall game of yours.