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Piers Morgan Calls Victoria Beckham “Primadonna” for Firing 25 Employees

by Tracy Finke

Fashion designer Victoria Beckham, 46, has fired 25 employees because of the difficult financial situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Image source: mirror.co.uk

According to media reports, British television presenter Piers Morgan reacted strongly to her move. He asked Victoria to think again and to consider a government plan, that allows paying furloughed workers 80% of their salary during the pandemic.

Victoria’s move was also condemned by the public, as the assets of her and her husband, former footballer David Beckham, 44, are estimated at a whopping $ 450 million.

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British media report that the crisis also hit the fashion designer, so she doesn’t take her salary. Also, her Chief Marketing Officer quit during this whole situation.

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“Sorry, this furlough scheme was not for primadonna multi-millionaires like you two, running a famed vanity business that makes no money”, Piers said about Victoria and David. He also commented that her husband had been saving her for a long time because she did not know how to run a business.

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“David normally puts his hand into his massive wallet, but no, this time, it’s the taxpayer. It’s completely tone-deaf,” Pierce pointed out and added: “They’ve got gazillions. They keep boasting to us how rich they are, how successful they are. Let’s see it then! Look after your own staff”.

By the way, Victoria and David hosted a party last month for their son Brooklyn’s 21st birthday, which they spent more than $120.000.