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Tyra Banks Is Unrecognizable After Plastic Surgery

by Elsa Stringer

Her fans are shocked. The famous model is unrecognizable after plastic surgery.One of the most popular top models in the world, Tyra Banks, has shocked the public with her appearance at the Annual American Influencer Awards. The 45-years old model has shown up in a black and white suit, but what got the attention of everyone is her face.

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Even she confessed last year that she had some plastic intervention, precisely, on her nose, three decades ago, we doubt that it was the only time when she was visiting the plastic surgery. Many of her fans had some words about her looking too plastic at this ceremony.


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This Biz Boss is about to present a Boss Queen in moments at the @amas. Get ready.

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However, most of them got only compliments about her younger look, darker hair, and her style, but there were ones who told that she is not looking natural at all. Except for the look of her nose, they were also saying that her cheekbones look unnatural, and how it would be impossible to not have a single wrinkle on her face without some medical intervention.


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Just some house modeling

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Also, many of her Instagram followers said that they were thinking that they are looking at some pictures of 14 years younger Rihanna, not her.

She remains silent over these accusations, but it is quite possible that she decided to have another plastic surgery after 30 years.