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10 Reasons to Try Bob Wig

by Tracy Finke

If you do not know what hairstyle to choose for your wig but want to look like an independent, stylish lady, try a bob. In this case, the hair is cut around the head at jaw level with bangs at the front. Bob can go up to the shoulders only. It is important to define the length that suits the individual features and enjoy this fashionable style.

In this article, we are going to give more reasons to buy a bob wig right now. What are the practical points of wearing a bob wig? Shop UNice bob wig collection and continue reading to get this question answered.

1. An efficient solution to hair issues

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This accessory, like any other wig, will compensate for flaws in your natural hair. If you want to hide baldness or thin hair, you can do it easily with a bob wig. Moreover, due to its lightweight, your scalp will not be irritated, and sensitive skin will not suffer from allergic reactions.

Your natural hair will be protected from the negative impact of weather factors and aggressive styling because there is no need for it.

2. An excellent choice for any situation

A bob wig is always trendy. There are versions that may replace traditional standards, but this is still a fashionable hairstyle that can be worn at any event and at any time of the day. Besides, you may prefer it for hot summer days as it opens your neck and makes you feel cooler compared with long hair. You can see a lot of celebrities wearing bobs. Follow them and you can be sure this style will never go out of vogue!

3. Diverse styling

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Here again, we are going to agree that such a simple haircut can be styled in different ways and that will make a bob wig versatile. You will get freedom of expression. For instance:

  1. You can make the strands curly or straight. It is clear that you will easily undo a previous solution by a thorough washing of a bob wig.
  2. It is possible to change colors by dying a bob wig.
  3. You can add volume to get voluminous hair piled high on your head or make it sleek by using special products formulated to achieve such an effect.

There are so many variations, and it will be still a bob wig, as the evolution of styles tolerates experiments!

4. Flattering modification

You may have almost any face shape and wear a bob wig. The only detail that should be considered is the length. A longer hairstyle is recommended for women with round faces, as it makes the face slimmer. On the contrary, those who have a long face should prefer a shorter bob wig to add some fullness. Also, you can balance your facial parameters, making your jawline crisper and your eyes bigger.

You’d better consult with a stylist, but in general, bob wigs suit everybody.

5. Simple maintenance

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You do know that any wig requires proper washing, drying, and styling performed on a regular basis. Just imagine how much effort you have to invest so that you can prevent long hair from getting dirty, oily, and tangled! But you will have no trouble with a human hair bob wig.

You will need the same hair care products, but the amount consumed will be less because you are expected to process less hair. It will not take a lot of time to comb and style it. You do not have to be skilled in hair styling, as this style is not demanding, whether it is applied to straight or curled locks.

6. High comfort

A bob wig is lightweight due to its length and the peculiarity of the style. And that means that your head will not get tired of wearing it. The wig is breathable and easy to put on and take off. It will take you a couple of minutes to position it on your head and secure it with a fastening system that comes with a particular wig type. If you want to take it off somewhere on the go, you’ll be able to do it with no trouble at all. It should be folded from ear to ear and placed into a package.

7. Storage without difficulties

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You have two reasons for arranging the storage of a bob wig:

  1. You should take it off at night or replace it with the other wig for a few days. In this case, you are expected to place it on a special stand for some rest.
  2. For instance, you might want to refuse it for the winter season. In this case, you are expected to comb a bob wig to remove all tangles, wash the hair, dry it up properly, fold the wig and place it in a box or case, which is tightly covered. Isolation is vital, as the wig hair should not be soaked in water somehow and should not accumulate dust during storage.

8. Continuous use

As short hair does not tangle as easily as long, a bob wig is considered to be durable. If you are lucky enough to choose a quality item produced by a reputable company, you can count on its lasting color and shiny hair. It means that it will not require frequent maintenance, and that will prolong its lifespan. Thus, if you want to buy a wig for years, you should opt for a bob wig made from human hair. It can be worn for years, provided that proper maintenance is guaranteed.

9. Natural look

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When we speak about human hair bob wigs, we should emphasize that they are made from quality materials. Such a wig is able to survive multiple dying easily without damage to the hair structure. It will continue to look smooth and natural. Its flexible texture allows it to achieve the accurate presentation of this style with all its peculiar details. So, this is a perfect choice for women, who want to look gorgeous and natural.

10. Convincing negligence and more other styles for your beauty

You can take a break from styling because a bob wig looks great when worn casually. You know that special look, as if you have been on the beach half an hour ago, and as a result, your hair has become a little bit uneven and divided into layers. This undone effect is very trendy nowadays and is perfectly combined with bob. You can just apply some mousse to the washed hair and do nothing. Enjoy the effect without damage to the hair.

Stay cool and stylish! There are plenty of types of bob. Consider an A-line haircut, stacked, layered, or graduated bob. Think about an asymmetrical or concave bob. Or you can refuse the experiments and buy a typical bob wig. But in the long run, you will taste blood, and start looking for new options. Probably, it makes sense to try an inverted and blunt bob. Wow, there are so many options! You will never get bored with a bob wig, and this is perfect!