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Hiring Professional Cleaning Services: When and When Not to Hire

by Tracy Finke

The decision to hire professional cleaning services should never be taken lightly. Cleaning at worst, can be a near full-time job and it can be difficult if you have other responsibilities outside of work, such as children or elderly parents.

If cleaning chores have occupied most of your free time, a viable solution would be to call a professional in. While everyone’s circumstances are different, there are some  signs that can help you determine whether or not hiring a professional cleaning service is the right choice for your particular situation.

Let’s go through some scenarios on when and when not to hire professional cleaning service.

When to Hire a Service

Your Household Suffer from Asthma and Allergies

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House dust is the number one trigger for asthma and allergies, so if your family members suffer from these conditions it may be time to hire a professional cleaning service.

If you are constantly suffering from an illness that prevents you from being productive at work or school, then you need to consider the health of yourself and those around you. Experienced cleaning providers, like Sidepost can help improve your quality of life by lessening allergic reactions and illnesses caused by bacteria build up.

Hiring a service could also save you money in the long term. With a more hygienic home you won’t need to be spending money on medication or trips to the doctor, which will quickly add up over time.

Your Cleaning Routine is Interfering with Your Work Schedule and Daily Routine

If you find yourself constantly missing work and other appointments because of needing to stay home and clean, it’s time to call in a professional.

For business owners, you can’t afford the consequences of losing or not getting new clients due to lack of availability. Similarly, if your workplace is offering you extra work shifts and overtime, you’ll quickly realize that hiring a service can earn you more money in the long run.

Always weigh up the costs and benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service. If your lost time cleaning is costing you precious opportunities to earn money, then it will be worth your time to hire a professional.

When You Simply Can’t Seem to Get Around to the Housework

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If you are constantly saying “I’ll do it tomorrow”, or if your home is always in disarray and messy then hiring a service can help you get back on top of things.

There comes a time for everyone when they simply cannot seem to get around to doing the housework. If you are at your wits end and simply cannot keep up with cleaning, then it’s time that you called in some professional help.

Hiring a service can also be an effective way of kick-starting yourself into maintaining better habits when it comes to keeping your place clean. Many services offer you a free first-time clean, so you can see the difference for yourself.

Don’t wait until your home becomes cluttered and messy before hiring someone to come in. Make sure that your circumstances are critically impacting on your quality of life or ability to maintain good health.

When Not to Hire a Service

Your Budget is Tight

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If you are having financial difficulties and your budget is tight it may be best to wait until things ease up a bit before hiring someone.

While we all want our homes to look beautiful and well-kept, no one wants their bank account to take a hit because of this! Before hiring a service ensure that there’s room in your budget to be able to afford it. Cleaners in Australia for example, charge an hourly rate or $30-40 an hour, which isn’t affordable to many.

Hiring a service can sometimes cost more than you expect, especially if you hire a premium service in the city. If you are hiring one regardless, always do your due diligence when finding one. With some good research and patience, you’ll quickly find that many companies offer discounted rates  and special offers.

You Have the Free Time to Do it Yourself

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DIY cleaning has a multitude of benefits; it’s a great way to stay in shape and it also provides a sense of accomplishment, inadvertently improving mood and overall well being.

When we clean our homes,  it can be a great way to unwind while giving us time alone to help reduce stress and anxiety. Not only will you have a clean environment that’s proven to help prevent accidents and allergens, but  you will also have more time to spend with your family if everyone is included in the cleaning process.

If you have the free time, instead of sitting on the sofa watching TV why not get some exercise and take some time to clean your home? Whether it’s just a quick half hour tidy up before friends arrive, or an intensive full day of cleaning, you will  feel the benefits immediately.

Your home is relatively small ie . a studio or one-bedroom apartment

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Smaller homes have less surface area,  so they take less time to clean. If you live in a smaller home, it may just be worthwhile to use some elbow grease and do it yourself. You’ll quickly find that many people who live in smaller spaces can maintain a high degree of cleanliness with relative ease.

Additionally, cleaning often without pushing yourself too hard is good for your mental and physical health. It helps shift your focus from the negative to the positive and burn off those love handles you so despise! Heck, you may even learn to like it!

Final thoughts

There are perhaps dozens of reasons going either way when it comes to hiring a cleaning service or taking on the challenge yourself. If you’re on the fence, consider your circumstances and see which side you land on. In the end, maintaining a clean home should always be high on your priority list regardless of how you choose to get there!