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Trump Wants Obama Impeached For Lying About Obamacare

by Sinisav

POLITICAL FLARE – 02/11/2020: It must be fun being a Donald Trump supporter. With every new addressing, he makes he ought to surprise you in a most unexpected way. On Monday, he had a rally in New Hampshire. While he was giving her speech about Nancy Pelosi, his supporters started chanting ‘lock her up.’

This chant was previously used every time POTUS mentioned Hillary Clinton, who was running against him in 2016 elections. On Monday, it was the first time they chanted it regarding Pelosi. But, this was not the rock bottom. President Trump called for the impeachment of the previous President, Barack Obama.

Donald Trump

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Back to the ‘lock her up,’ chant, it started when Trump was complaining about Pelosi. Trump stated that it was hard for him to give State of the Union speech while having Pelosi mumbling and rumbling behind his back. According to POTUS, it was ‘very distracting.’ It was when he said this the ‘lock her up,’ chants began.

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As we are used by now, Trump dedicated a part of his speech to illegal immigrants. Considering how much Trump dislikes them, he should know more about who they are and what they do. According to POTUS, all illegal immigrants are homeless, and they hold no permanent addresses. This is by no means accurate, and President is feeding his supporters with mindless nonsense.

In recent weeks, Donald Trump was going back and forth on twitter with his Democrat adversary Mike Bloomberg. But, this time, he decided to take a dig at former President, and the one he succeeded. Trump stated that Barack Obama should be impeached because he lied to people about Obamacare.

Trump once again crossed the line of decent behavior. Senate just recently acquitted POTUS on charges of power abuse and obstruction of justice. He was one step close to being impeached on much severe charges than those he is accusing Obama of. A man who was on impeachment trial should wait a bit longer before calling someone else to the stand.

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