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Trump Brags About Beautiful Daughter Ivanka, Forgets About Tiffany

by Sinisav

POLITICAL FLARE – 02/11/2020: It didn’t take Donald Trump long to continue his campaign for the 2024 elections after being acquitted by the Senate. The first stop in his bid for another four years in office was at Manchester, New Hampshire. POTUS was quick to brag about his victory against foul Democrats and to relive his State of the Union speech once again. It was all fueled by his newly ignited hate for Nancy Pelosi.

Trump stated that it was hard for him to give his speech while Pelosi was mumbling behind his back. Talking about the House Speaker fired up Trump supporters, and they started chanting ‘lock her up.’ They must really hate Pelosi now, as this chant was for years reserved for Hillary Clinton.


Source: youtube.com

POTUS added that there was anger in Pelosi mumbling. He believes there shouldn’t be any anger with Democrats, as Republicans should be the ones who are angry. Trump concluded that he did well delivering his State of the Union speech, considering how distracting was having House Speaker grunting behind his back.

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But it wasn’t all fire and blood on Pelosi; President thanked her for making the Republicans popularity skyrocket. They have the highest poll numbers since 2005, according to a Gallup survey. Pelosi is under constant attacks from Donald Trump and Republicans after she ripped a copy of President’s State of the Union speech, calling it a manifesto of lies in the process.

POTUS then continued by thanking his children for their support, but he did it in manner if he had only two children. He thanked Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr, but failed to mention Eric and Barron. He also showed the world why they call Tiffany the forgotten Trump.

President Trump once again spoke about how his daughter Ivanka is beautiful, stating that this is something he wasn’t allowed to do, prompting the questions why did he say it. It is interesting to see that he never speaks about his daughter Tiffany in this manner. According to sources, he’s not fond of his daughter from the marriage with Marla Maples. The reason is that Trump believes she’s fat. This is why he rarely poses for photos with her.

Tiffany was also present in the crowd, and Trump failed to call her name out. This prompted the reporters to joke that POTUS can’t recognize his daughter in the group as she’s not as beautiful as Ivanka.

Source: politicalflare.com