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Top 5 Of The Coolest 3D Printed Things

by William Gist

3D printing might still be considered as something new, but people that learned about it a few years back are now making incredible things. About a decade ago, the idea of being able to print whatever you want in the form of a 3D object was pretty “crazy” to think of, but as technology keeps advancing and years go by, it’s just becoming very regular and common.

Today we’re going to show you some of the best 3D prints ever made, so let’s not keep this introduction any longer and take a look at these amazing models.

1. A very real human brain


Some 3d printing enthusiast came up with a pretty fun idea and decided to make a full scan of their brain, and then make it into a 3d model. Upon doing that, they’ve printed it out and now they are able to show everyone how their brain really looks. It’s quite eerie but really fun! However, this is not the only thing 3d printers are used for. The next couple of examples will all feature a model that was used for something useful.

2. 3D printing in medicine – Body parts


3D printing has gone so far that doctors have started using it in order to create real human body parts that are used to help others that might’ve lost them due to some kind of accident in their lives. Ears, noses, mouths and everything else that can be found on a human body. There is a famous picture of a guy that printed out a Toucan beak in order to help his real toucan that lost half of its beak in an accident. Now the Toucan can live a happy life thanks to the power of a 3d printer.

3. Artwork for those that are unable to see

Blind people are not able to experience the true beauty of art, but a 3D printer can change that by printing out 3D sculptures that the blind can touch and get a slight sense of what’s really going on in the picture. Feel free to visit sklptor.com for more information.

4. A real 3D printed house

You might think that 3D printers are just for just some small and insignificant things, but you’re very wrong. Back in early 2014, a private company decided to show everyone how powerful 3D printers can be, so they’ve printed out an entire house. According to the source, there were multiple large printers involved in the process, and this is also the first 3D printed house in the entire world.

5. The anonymous mask


You can print all sorts of things with a 3D printer if you have enough knowledge about the entire process, but you’ve probably already understood that. There is a really cool anonymous mask that’s 3d printed and it looks even better than the real one. If you are not really familiar with this mask, it is used by the hacker group Anonymous, but the real origin is from the movie called V for Vendetta that was made back in 2005. Feel free to read more about the mask because it has a very interesting meaning.