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8 Household Objects You Can Make with a 3D Printer

by Edvard Berlusconi

A 3D printer kit can truly change your life—and your home! 3D printing technology has really expanded in the last decade, and now more people than ever are capable of creating all sorts of unique items that can be used around the home.

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With that out of the way, let’s take a closer look at 8 household objects you can make with a 3D printer.



Who doesn’t love a good vase? If you have plenty of plants, flowers and other greenery that you’d like to place inside a planter or vase, you’re in luck! They are one of the most common types of household objects that people make with their printers, thanks to the wide availability of plantar and vase models.



If you’re looking for shelves that aren’t a dime a dozen, you can always use a printer to create the shelving of your dreams! This option can really save you money since premade shelving is often ridiculously expensive. You should make a note of what the shelves are made from, however, in order to ensure that they are sturdy enough for your needs.

Desk Organizers

Having an organized desk is the key to success! Printing technology can create desk organizers that range from simple cups all the way to elaborate, figurative sculptures of organization.

Door Stops


Door steps definitely come in handy, but it’s not always feasible to spend all that money on door stops from a door when you can create one with printing technology. Best of all, you can get truly creative with this option.

Measuring Cups

As anyone who has needed measuring cups only to find out that your set is cracked or you lent a friend a nice thing, there is one thing that is certain: being able to print your own measuring cups will be a figurative lifesaver! You can even customize them to suit whatever measurements you frequently used.

Smart Phone Stands


Having to hold up your phone—or your tablet—can cause some pretty serious neck, shoulder and back pain over time. And this is where smart phone stands come in. Smart phone stands allow you to watch videos or use your smart phone (or tablet) without having to hurt your back and neck.

Phone Cases

Everyone needs a phone case! If you want something highly unique and you don’t want to spend a ton of money, you can always create your own phone case using printing technology.

Shower Heads


If you’ve ever looked up at your shower head and been disappointed, that you will definitely enjoy the option to create your very own shower head using printing technology.

Remember: the sky is the limit with this type of technology, so don’t fee l limited!