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Useful Methods To Accelerate The Performance Of Your Android Device

by Edvard Berlusconi

Do you have an Android device? Then it is extremely important for you to be aware of useful tips and tricks, which can assist you to get the most out of your device. Here is a list of 11 such useful Android tips and tricks.


1. Add keyboard shortcut – The keyboard shortcut system of Android devices can be enabled by visiting Quick Launch under Application Settings.

2. Download live wallpapers – Plenty of live wallpapers can be downloaded from the Android market to make the device look unique.

3. Easy Zoom – If you tap on the small dots that are next to the dock at the bottom, you will be able to zoom on the screen.

4. Disable the app notifications – You don’t actually need some of the app notifications and you can simply disable them by visiting the App Info page.

5. Disable cellular data use for certain apps – Some of the apps would eat your cellular data limit. Therefore, you can think about turning off cellular data use permissions by visiting the settings of your device.

6. Get premium versions of apps – The premium versions of apps usually have the ability to assist you to save battery life.

7. Never use the Android device when charging – If you are concerned about the battery longevity of your Android device, you must refrain from using it while you charge.

8. Use low power mode when the battery is low – When your battery level is low, you can simply use the built-in low power mode of your Android device to save battery juice.

9. Add a weather forecast to lock screen – You can get rid of frustration in your day to day life by adding a weather forecasting application into the lock screen.

10. Take screenshots – Whenever you see something entertaining or important, you can simply press the power down + home button to capture it via your Android device.

11. Update Your Phone Regularly – Keeping up with the latest updates for your Android phone can be a real hassle. Downloading those updates can often take hours to complete, and during that time, your phone is rendered completely useless. Because of this, many people put updates off for long periods of time or skip them completely, which is just a really bad idea. Updates often bring with them a ton of improvements to your phone. Start downloading your update right before you go to bed. Your update will most likely be complete once you wake up in the morning and you’ll be starting your day with a smoother and faster phone.


You must have come across some interesting facts, which you were not aware of before. You can take a look at these and start working on them. It will help you to get an efficient experience out of the Android device. Moreover, you will be able to unlock many hidden features that were in your device. Therefore, you will be able to use the device as a true Android geek without any hassle.