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Top 3 Creative Gifts for Your Girlfriend

by William Gist

When you buy a gift for your girlfriend, you want to pick out something that helps you show her how much you really love her, care about her, and know her. Unfortunately,  finding just the right gift for the woman you love can be very challenging. Whether the occasion is an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or just because, there’s no need to stress.

Before you head out to buy yet another scented candle or bouquet of flowers for your girl, expand your perspective and consider more creative, original gifts that are a little less expected and a little more memorable. Check out these 3 non-cliché gift options, all of which are extra special, ultra-creative, and guaranteed to impress and surprise the special woman in your life.


A Shared Journal

Show your girlfriend how much you care about her and your relationship by gifting her a shared journal that you can both contribute to over time. Shared journals for couples have become much trendier in recent years, but they haven’t gained enough popularity to become cliché or overdone.


You can choose a shared journal based on which aspects of your relationship you want to zero in on. Different shared journals help you focus on different aspects of your relationship, including your shared dreams and goals (Our Bucket List), faith and communication (Navigator’s Council) and similar. If you want to personalize this creative gift further, you can even design your own shared journal that’s specific to your relationship.


Not only is this gift creative and unique, it can also be helpful for your relationship in the long run. Regularly contributing to a shared journal with your girlfriend can help you keep your relationship healthy and on track by encouraging open and honest communication.


Lingerie might not seem like the most creative gift for your girlfriend, but the right lingerie style can be a hot and exciting gift option that shows your girlfriend how well you know her and how much you care about her. Browse through her existing lingerie collection for size and style guidance before you go shopping. You might even consider directly asking your girlfriend for guidance to make sure you’re getting her a style that makes her feel comfortable and confident.


When you do shop for lingerie for your girlfriend, avoid big lingerie brands like Victoria’s Secret. Their lingerie styles are predictable and tend to be lower-quality. Instead, go for higher-quality styles from smaller boutique lingerie retailers. Luxury online lingerie retailer HauteFlair Lingerie offers a wide selection of top-quality lingerie sourced exclusively from high-end designers.

Her Very Own Star

You can give your girlfriend a star—literally—as a gift for her next birthday or your upcoming anniversary. Companies like Online Star Register and Star Registration allow you to purchase a real star in the sky and dedicate it to your loved one. What could be more romantic than that?


These companies allow you to choose a star name, date, and constellation, register a real star, and name it in honor of your girlfriend. The star you buy even comes with specific coordinates that allow you and your girlfriend to find the star in real time in the night sky using a special app (such as the Star Finder app via Online Star Register). There’s no question that giving your girlfriend her very own real star in the night sky that she can have forever is an incredibly creative and original gift.