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Top 10 Romantic Gifts For The Love of Your Life

by Dangula Bingula

Anniversary is getting closer and closer. Or it’s her birthday. Maybe it’s some other special occasion, but the point is that you need to get her a romantic gift. Sure, gifts like a new pair of headphones or an iPod seem like great and expensive gifts. But do they really say I love you?

If you are shopping for a gift for the love of your life you need to make things romantic. You can’t give her something that anyone can give her, you have to make it personal. After all, you are the person who knows her the best.

Here is a piece of advice that might help you started and allow you to make the love of your life happy with a great romantic gift.

1. A Bouquet of Flowers

Giving flowers to your bellowed may sound like a cliché. But it actually really works. No woman can resist the temptation of getting flowers. But in order to make things special, you can make a bouquet of the ones that she really likes or the ones that convey a specific meaning.


You can even surprise her by delivering her flowers when she least expects it. Services like Handy Flowers make it extremely easy to order beautiful bouquets of everything from orchids to sunflower. These services make it much easier to find a suitable gift for your girl very fast.

2. Coconut Milk Soak

What women like is when you do special things for them. And after a long day at work what they really want to do is just relax. So surprise her by indulging her a little bit and do that by running her a bath.


But this is no ordinary bath, you need to set the mood. Light some candles and put on some music that she will really enjoy. Make sure to use the coconut milk soak for pure pleasure and relaxation.

3. You’re my Favorite Pain in the Ass

If your girlfriend has a sense of humor and likes drinking coffee there is a specific gift for her. Coffee drinkers always like having a special mug or a cup that they use. Combine that with the type of humor that she enjoys and you have yourself a gift.


Get her a mug that says “You’re my favorite pain in the ass.” She will flip and she will love it. She will probably want to show her new gift to everyone.

4. A Map of the Stars

What better way to say “You’re my star” than by presenting her with a literal map of the stars. It is a simple map of the stars laid on paper that you can fold and write a special message for her. But this comes with a twist.

Don’t get her just any map of the stars, make sure that you find the exact map of a special day that you shared. It could your anniversary or her birthday or the day when you first met. The point is that you make it special.

5. The Juliet Luxury Rose

We’re back to flowers again, but this time it is not just any old flower, it is the Juliet Luxury Rose. This is a man-made invention and was created by the rose breeder and writer David Austin. It is known as the five-million-dollar rose.


But don’t treat, it is not as expensive as the nickname says, they are on sale on Austin’s site for a mere 82 dollars per bouquet. Still, it is a unique special flower that is not really available anywhere. Try getting her one of those and see her smile.

6. Love Code Charm Necklace

Besides flowers, girls really like diamonds and jewelry. While diamonds may be out of most people’s league a nice necklace would work nicely. But a special love code necklace would work even better.

Get her a necklace with the words “love” cryptically etched on it. On first glance, you can’t really decipher what it says. But once you give it a spin you can clearly see what the necklace says.

7. Sloth Ring Holder

Again this gift is specifically for people who like animals and a sense of humor. Sloths are not really animals that many people consider cute but your girl might like it in the form of a ring holder. Girls are constantly looking for places to store their jewelry and this might be the perfect place for her ring.


Who knows, maybe you might be insinuating something with a ring holder without the ring, especially if you are planning to pop the question soon.

8. Special Cookie Delivery

If your special lady has a bit of a sweet tooth, she would probably fancy some cookies. But in this case, you are not getting any old cookies, these are Bang Cookies which are made from special organic ingredients.

A special delivery of these cookies shows that you care and that you are ready to give her anything, but also means that you are about her health as you are indulging her needs with special healthy cookies.

9. Coyuchi Terry Robe

If you are thinking of buying some lingerie for your girl, don’t! This is not a gift for her but for you. You want to make her feel comfortable and get her feeling great. You also need to show that you put her needs in front of yours.


There is never better and more comfortable wear that a deluxe bathrobe. Get her this special Coyuchi Terry Robe and she will enjoy every second in it. Relaxed and comfortable, that’s how you want your girl.

10. A Chic Scarf

It is really helpful when you have a good memory. When you see her seeing something in the store and remembering that she wanted it back then makes it perfect for you to give her as a gift afterward. The best exclusive gift, in this case, is a scarf.


Try a really comfortable and expensive scarf. If she likes mixing and matching her wardrobe it will be a perfect gift for a girl who has style. She will enjoy it, even more, when she recognizes it and says “You remembered!”