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Top 15 Hanukkah Movies to Please an Entire Family

by Nebojša Vujinović

The best part about Hanukkah is that it’s not a one-day Holiday. It spans over eight nights, and if you are a movie lover we have just the right thing for you. Below you have fifteen movies that are ideal for Hanukkah nights. Or if you are a binge-watcher you can watch them in two days. It is all up to you. What’s the same for all people is that we have some amazing titles here for you. For years, the Christmas movies have been on display, and we are here to make things right and create an intro for the Christmas season through these Hanukkah titles. Let’s start.

An American Pickle

This movie stars Seth Rogen as titular characters Ben and Herschel Greenbaum. It deals with the subjects of love, family, and tradition. It is not a full-on Hanukkah movie but it can set the mood for this holiday with its poise and comedy.

Eight Crazy Nights

You can love him or hate him, but we think that Adam Sandler knows how to make a comedy movie. This piece focuses on a party-goer who gets into legal trouble on the wrong side of his thirties. To avoid jail time, a judge tasks Adam’s character with charity work. His job is to be a basketball coach which sounds like a great deal before he meets his boss. One thing to remember – this is an animated piece.

Full-Court Miracle

This one is a story based on true events. It tells the story of Lamont Carr, a basketball coach. Yes, we have another sports Hanukkah film. Carr’s career is interrupted due to a knee injury so he becomes a coach at a yeshiva in Philadelphia.

Mistletoe & Menorahs

As a story about a greedy toy firm CEO who needs to learn about this holiday to make more money, this is not a bad movie. To do this the main character partners with one of her employees, whose goal is to make a winter wonderland for its romantic goals. With time the two start getting along after initial disputes, and a truly romantic story unfolds.

The Hebrew Hammer

This action parody is one for the ages. It features Adam Goldberg as the titular character The Hebrew Hammer. His goal is to stop Santa Claus’ evil son played by Andy Dick whose plans include destroying Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.

All I Want Is Christmas

This piece follows a static theme among the Jew children – they all feel like they’re missing on Christmas joy. The story of this movie follows a Jewish boy who wants to celebrate Christmas and feel its spirit while spending time in Florida. His adventure starts when he tries to swap plane tickets that would take him to Christmastown, Washington.

Little Fockers

If you have enjoyed Meet The Parents, and Meet The Fockers, this is a film for you. If you also love to spend Hanukkah with comedy films, this one is for you. Of course, the third installment in this trilogy was hated by the critics but aren’t they all. This piece sees the Focker family getting together for the holidays, and it also features Barbra Streisand and Ben Stiller.

Hitched For The Holidays

If you are into romantic holiday flicks this one is the right for you. It follows two people pretending to be partners in order t please their families. Like usually true love bursts between them and we have full rom-com on our hands.

The Night Before

The cast of this film promises a good story. The Night Before features Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, and Anthony Mackie. The story follows these three fellows as they’re trying to find the biggest Christmas party ever – the Nutcracker Ball. Rogen is the one who puts the Hanukkah spirit in this one.

An American Tail

This is one for the ages. It follows a Russian mouse who gets separated from his parents on their trip to America. The reason they’re leaving their homeland is that they believe there are no cats in the United States. Wrong! But, the fun story nonetheless. Most people enjoy this 80s animated hit.

Double Holiday

Double Holiday goes both ways. It’s a bit of a Christmas movie and a bit of a Hanukkah one. It focuses on a business lady who needs to cast way her Hanukkah plans to get a promotion. She is, together with her competitor for the promotion asked to work on Christmas evening. See for yourself what ensues next.

Fiddler On the Roof

This one is based on a 1964 Broadway show, and it is presented as a comedy drama to the viewers. It is set in a pre-revolutionary Russia, and it follows a father of five daughters who works on saving Jewish tradition and fight of anti-Semitism.

Crossing Delancey

Crossing Delancey follows a single woman in New York who works in a bookshop. While she enjoys her lifestyle, her grandmother isn’t satisfied with her choices and sets her up with a Jewish matchmaker. Soon enough she receives more than one suitor and our story starts to unravel.

A Serious Man

Should we tell you anything else rather than this piece was made by Coen Brothers. It is a bit dark for a holiday film, but it tells a daring story. A Serious Man follows a physics lecturer who works in Minnesota in the 60s. As the title suggests he’s a serious man who finds himself in a pickle and asks rabbis for help.

Holiday Date

Sorry, we know it. This is a Christmas piece in its essence but it touches some subjects that are close to Hanukkah. It follows a lady who is left by her boyfriend on Christmas evening. She hires another one to pretend to be her man, for her family. The one issue they have with him is that he’s a Jew.