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The Way New 2024 Rules Will Improve F1

by Elsa Stringer

Looks like the F1 is planning to turn over a new leaf and improve their competitions. The 31st of October will surely represent a landmark for the whole F1 history. The reason for this is the evolution of regulations that are going to reduce the predictability of the races, make them more spectacular.

Furthermore, the main aim of these regulations is to narrow down the quality difference between teams. Fans of the exceptional sport are eager to see the start of the competition because they believe that it is going to make the whole sport even better than it was. Without further ado, let us give you an insight into how these new regulations are going to improve F1. Let us begin.

Focus on Young Talents


As of 2024, we are going to be able to see young talents that are going to have much more space to present their skills to the fans. According to these new regulations, we are going to be able to see drivers who have at least two practice sessions per season.

This means that we are going to see much more of the new generations of drivers. Some of them can become great drivers in the future, and you are going to witness how the emerge of future F1 stars. Some of them are going to be in some of the best-known teams like Red Bull, Racing Point, or a Renault.

This is going to provide much more chance to the drivers with higher potential to step to the stage and present them in the best possible way.

Shorter Weekends


As you probably know, the race weekends are set for a major redesign, because media interviews are going to be featured on Friday, not on Thursday like it was before. They are going to be held before the FP1 and FP2, while the schedule for FP3, the qualifying races and the race itself are going to remain unchanged. Because of the schedule that is going to be changed, the overall F1 is going to be more feasible than it was before.

Also, there are some plans to make it more budget-friendly to the fans who are love to visit their events. Meanwhile, this is going to make much easier for everyone who is involved in the whole process of racing, from racers to the media.

Closer Racing

Closer Racing


The current design of F1 vehicles can lose up to half of their force when they are following in the wake of a different car. The reason for this is spooling off the dirty air because the leading machine lowers the amount of clean air, that is available to pass some of the wings when it comes to the chasing car. One of the newest regulations that we are going to see in 2024 is that chief objectives are going to allowing the closer racing.

This is going to be possible because of the simpler wings that are going to increase the ground effect and creates downforce. According to these regulations, we are going to see just that. According to Pat Symonds, a Chief Technical Officer stated that he is really excited to say that they’re overachieved in some way. When it comes to numbers, cars in 2024 are going to lose around 15% of their downforce. To the fans, this is a really big difference that is going to make racers more interesting and spectacular in just two years.

Good-looking Cars

When it comes to the turbo-hybrid era, 2017 marked a very strong step forward for F1. At that year, the car’s stance was widened and tires were beefed up. This formula was re-done in 2019. But, in 2024 we are going to witness a totally new breed of F1 vehicles that are going to appear. In our opinion, all of them are looking really good. Some of them are featuring a really interesting design.

The most important element of the architecture of current cars will be the same as before. However, they are going to feature low-profile 18-inch Pirelli tires and wing-tipped front wing. Without a doubt, these new designs are going to be featured on the walls of boys and girls who love this sport.

More Chances for Other Teams


We witnessed a public record from the 2016 Australian Grand Prix to 2019 Mexican Grand Prix, there were around 240 spots on podiums that were available to the drivers. However, only six of them didn’t go to teams like Ferrari, Red Bull, and Mercedes.

According to what we can see from the new regulations we are going to see in 2024 and the new designs we are going to see on new cars, there are going to be many more spaces available for teams that are not popular among fans. Naturally, the basics are going to stay the same.

So, the main elements of the cars and racing are going to stay the same, and the results are going to stay the same and the results are going to be based on the drivers, mechanics, and all of the team.

Parce Ferme Changes


The reduction of the tracking time is something that we talked about in this article of ours. There were some tests that were conducted during the previous seasons. Meanwhile, there are some significant changes that are going to influence parc ferme conditions that are going to start at the start of FP3. Rather than qualifying teams had to return to the vehicles to specifications when it was scrutineered ahead of FP1.

You may ask, why is this important? It is important because a team brings its test item from weekend to weekend. It was run in both FP1 and FP2 sessions before it was taking off and saved for the other events. This is just another measure that will influence the slowdown of in-season development.

Finance Limitations

In 2024, we are going to witness the first regulations that are going to influence the finances of the teams. This is something that was not seen in this sport and it will represent a massive change for this sport. The budget limitations are going to be $175 million annually per team. Naturally, these limitations are not for marketing costs or salaries of team principals, senior personnel, and drivers.

This is going to be a significant change for the teams that are used to spending much more money on their overall expenses. This will have a great influence on the smaller teams that are going to be more competitive with traditionally bigger teams. In the past, smaller teams were uncertain about their positions when it comes to finances.

In 2024, they are going to have much more influence on the positions in the future. This is the whole new element that is going to influence the future of F1 and its events. This regulation will prevent the overall costs going through the roof.

Tighter Aero Testing


As we said, the wind tunnel time is going to be reduced with the new regulations that we are going to see in 2024, the streaking ahead and developing of the competition is going to be much harder in the future. According to these regulations, it means that packs going to be tightened even more in the future and making some of the time on the track, particularly regarding FP1 and FP2, which are going to be much more important than they were earlier.

The Last Thoughts

So, we’ve presented you with some of the ways that F1 is going to be improved after the new rules, who are going to start from 2024, are going to be implemented in the competition. We can rest assured that the overall competition is going to be of the highest possible quality.

We are certain that all of the fans are going to be satisfied with them because there is no doubt that they are going to improve the competition itself.