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Top 10 Mediocre Players Who Earned More Than Michael Jordan in NBA

by Nebojša Vujinović

Before you start by saying there’s no such player, hear us out. We’re not talking about the billions MJ has now. We are talking about what Michael Jordan, the basketball player earned through his NBA career. Interestingly he has a $2.1 billion net worth right now, but during his career, he didn’t top the $100 million mark. During his two stints with Chicago Bulls, he earned somewhere between $90 million and $94 million. For a player of his caliber, it’s not too much. Let’s see NBA players who managed to earn more, without even closing in on the greatness of His Airness.

Tristan Thompson

A player who is more known for his relationship with one of the Kardashian sisters, than for his skills on the basketball court made a fortune for himself on court. Cleveland Cavaliers paid heftily for his services, and according to the contract he has right now, as he turns 30-years old, his contract earnings will be $98 million.

Source: people.com

Hassan Whiteside

Another heavy center, who earned a fortune as a big in the NBA league. With stints tying him to Miami Heat and Portland Trail-Blazers he is now at the $101,7 million in earnings. The best part is that he’s still on the good side of 30ies and with an expiring contract. A new contract with a new team will push his worth even further.

Source: si.com

Otto Porter Jr.

For a long time now both fans and pundits consider this man to be an overpaid player who just can’t justify his salary. It took him only a couple of years of his rookie contract to push his earnings over Michael Jordan. One of MJ’s former clubs, Washington Wizards cashed out and tied Otto to a 4-year, $106-million deal. Porter Jr is only 28 years old, so he still has time to cash in on his basketball skill.

Source: pippenainteasy.com

Ryan Anderson

Anderson is a bit older than the bunch from above, but he earned enough not to worry about retirement. Ryan was never a star by any stretch but his on-field performance was enough for $98 million in career earnings during the best eight years of his career. When we count everything in, he closes down with $104.2 million. Not bad!

Source: bleacherreport.com

Mike Miller

Miller was posed to be a star in the league which he proved during his rookies season when he was rookie of the year, as Jordan’s career was coming to an end. But, it turned out that he would be nothing more than a role player, which in NBA translates well to your wallet. He also avoided injuries and had longevity, so after 17 years in the league, he can brag that he earned more than MJ with $98.5 million in his bank account.

Source: thespun.com

Marvin Williams

Williams could and should have done more considering his high ranking as the second overall pick selected by Atlanta Hawks back in 2005. It’s funny to think he was a higher pick than Chris Paul. But, as we said, while he didn’t reach the stratosphere of this sport, he still made enough for cozy living. So far he earned $122,7 million which is a heft sum for a player who underachieved.

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Evan Turner

Here we have yet another 2nd pick in the draft who failed miserably at reaching his potential. Potential means little when contracts are hefty even for role players, his biggest payday was in 2016 when he received $70 million from Trail-Blazers. He made something more in his combined time with the 76ers, Pacers, and Celtics. All in all, he finished his NBA career with $97.2 million to his name.

Source: fansided.com


Nene was a good one for all of his woes during his stay with the Denver Nuggets. Before injuries took their tool, he was more than a piece in their team. He was one of the most loyal players of his generation and this paid off for him. The Denver franchise gave him two extensions which amounted to more than $132-million in the bank. Not bad for a Brazilian basketball player.

Source: bleacherreport.com

Erick Dampier

Here’s another role player who robs the bank in the NBA. While only averaging 7.4 points and 7.1 rebounds a night for his career he still managed to surpass MJ in earnings. Erick is one of those players who knew when to put the foot on the gas paddle, so it’s no wonder his best season came when he was in his contract year. By the end of the 2003/2004 season, he managed to average 12.3 points and 12.0 rebounds which was enough for Dallas Mavericks to pay him $60-million through six years. When you add the rest he earned in his career you get $109.5-million.

Source: bleacherreport.com

Chandler Parsons

Just like a few others on this list, Parsons cashed in 2016. It was a good year for free agents and the Grizzlies paid this man $94-million over four years. It didn’t pay off for them in the end as he only played in 95 games. Injuries derailed his career, but he still did enough to make a bank in the form of millions he made. This is a massive fortune for a man who was drafted as the 38th overall pick. He can always brag that he made more than the GOAT.

Source: grizzlybearblues.com