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Tom Cruise Used to Be a Hunk! He Ruined Himself With Botox!

by Elsa Stringer

Today he looks like he got stung by bees.
Hollywood actor Tom Cruise is not seen at social events that often, especially fashion events, so his appearance at the British fashion awards in London shocked many people.


Tom got there looking all elegant, but what caught everyone’s attention was his face, which no wrinkles. A lot of people noticed that his face looked too unnatural and perfect. So people started speculating that he had overdone it with the use of Botox and face-lifting, so he could go back to that young look he was known for.

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Besides his acting career, Tom is very known for being a part of the controversial Scientology church, which allegedly doesn’t allow him to see his own daughter, Suri, whom he had with actress Katie Holmes.

The last project he had worked on was the sequel of the famous movie “Top Gun: Maverick” after around 33 years, which should be releasing in 2024.